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  1. What does the corresponding client log look like? Or are you starting this server as a dedicated server? The server log just says "received valid shutdown message", so it's probably the clients fault.
  2. Hi, Do you have this issue after the update as well? Or is it fixed with the new GUI?
  3. That would be funny :D The first step to a self-thinking AI. I don't think that we would ever implement something like this, though. Friendly fire isn't a side-effect, it was actually planned to be in the game.
  4. That sounds.. evil.. and yet pretty cool, actually. I guess your name is not just for show, eh? ;D
  5. You're absolutely right, there's a lot we still can do. Your ideas have been added to the long list of "we want that, we need that" ;D
  6. Hi there, it took me while to have the time to read your post ;) Some of your points make me believe, that you'll love the next update. The AI will be much more useful. Torpedoes will stay the way they are, though. They are really strong weapons and therefore have to be limited. I like quite a few of you suggestions and will run them past our devs, if they're doable in a reasonable time frame we'll be sure to implement them :)
  7. Maybe the windows update reset some of your settings? Does it work now that you added the server to the exceptions again? What else isn't working right? Can you add your client- and server-logs to the post if you have something like crashes or graphic problems?
  8. Thank you for reporting, those are fixed now :)
  9. I tried to reproduce it, but couldn't. I'll describe my steps here, maybe you did something differently? I build a ship with turret bases, went on each of them into the turret building mode and applied a saved design. To better see the difference I used two of the same turrets and designs and gave them different colors. I then went out of the turret building mode, applied turrets to the designs. After leaving the building mode all of the turrets showed the expected color. Only one not showing the color was the rocket launcher.
  10. I disagree with you. Softcore sounds pretty boring to me, part of the challenge is that you never exactly know what you'll find in a new sector. Do I dare to take my ship with me instanly or do I scout ahead first? That would just never come up anymore. Hardcore would be too hard, I think. You die a lot in Avorion. You loose patience while flying to a station and boost to get there faster. So in the end you're too fast and ram the station or a random asteroid. And then everything is gone? Additionally you tend to have mutliple ships, would they keep you from actually dying?
  11. DivineEvil is right, Fighters have their own special balancing that isn't considering the blocks they're made of. So reflector fighters will still be shot down by anti-fighter laser turrets ;)
  12. Hi, I see no one with that Account name on our ban list. Are you sure the account got banned? If you want to have an account with that name and aren't able to make it yourself drop me an email at support@avorion.net with the necessary information.
  13. We probably won't open up the German translation to the public but I'm always happy to get tips so that we can improve it :)
  14. Did you found an alliance together? In that case you should look up your rank permissions. Some ranks might not be allowed to make changes to alliance stations.
  15. I'm not sure what you mean, a screenshot would be great :)
  16. Could you please post the full log and describe what happened? Or if you can what I would need to do to get it to crash? For guidelines on how to post crashes please follow: How to bug report
  17. Yes, you're right that they should work like that. Somehow the fighters enemy status is not updated correctly. We will fix that, thank you for your patience and for reporting your work-around :)
  18. This topic has been moved to Bugs. [iurl]https://www.avorion.net/forum/index.php?topic=5201.0[/iurl]
  19. Thank you for reporting. I honestly thought that we already fixed that. But let me check tomorrow :)
  20. That is a bug and already fixed. The fix should be out with the next patch :)
  21. Hi everyone, We're back from Gamescom and the dust has finally settled! It was tons of fun :D Thank you to everyone who stopped by, it was absolutely amazing to meet so many fans! Now that we're back we already started working hard. After a few more bug fixes (thanks to all of you who keep reporting those buggers) we'll transfer the current beta branch to the default branch! This means better end-game enemy scaling, turret building and a lot of other improvements will be playable for everyone soon :) The next update for the beta branch is already in work as well: We're reworking System Upgrades somewhat. You'll be able to optionally permanently install upgrades to ships and receive nice bonuses for that! In addition to that, the Xsotan upgrades will get some more love as well. We're specializing them some more depending on which boss dropped them. Sneak Peak: Have a nice day! Cepheni
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