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Found 2 results

  1. I want to buy the faction map on the Equipment dock but i need to be allied in order to buy the exceptional one. however i cant find the "propose an alliance" or whatever button. I know it`s in diplomacy, does my relation with the faction need to be at literal max? like 100.000 or do i just need to reach "excellet" at 80.000? Am i just blind?
  2. I'm trying to reduce the time a station takes to disable transport mode. So far I found data/scripts/entity/utility/transportmode.lua where there's the following variable: self.restorationTime = 10 * 60 It seems to be referenced in most of the functions that deal with the delay I'm looking to change. However, when I change it to a lower value (e.g. 1 second), it still takes 10 minutes to disable transport mode. Am I missing something or am I looking at the wrong script? Is it possible that the script (or some of its data) is persistent despite reloading the game? (I haven't tried yet on a brand new game to confirm this) Note: I have modified the game's script directly instead of making a mod so far because I wanted to test things first. I already did something similar to make the "refine ores" command faster and it worked without making it a mod while I was testing it. So I don't really know what would be different here.
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