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Combat Update 1 Beta - Quality of life/Feature suggestions


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Torps via onboard assemblies - 1 production at a time max and 10 minutes minimum between "free" torps. (make it cost minerals = to the type of tube it's going into? This could also apply to "ammo" for coaxial weapons when they are implemented. It makes using one a tactical choice (if I fire it now I have to wait a while for another), but without the added bore of having to be tethered to an equipment dock.


Turret factory - allow us to take an existing turret and pay raw minerals (of the same type as the turret) and money, multiplied by rarity, to upscale that turret. (so if I find a really cool exotic/legendary turret, I could make it capital sized, seeing as players can't craft exotics+ at the moment short of playing research RNG)


Point defense - Can these cost .5-.75 of a turret slot to allow better coverage on smaller ships without significantly sacrificing offense? It'd also be really nice to perhaps have ones that don't take crew (computer controlled), Or, even better just make these block types we can attach to our ships, so locations and positioning can be saved into blueprints.


Inventory - Allow sorting by turret size?


Sensor Array Block - New block that gains strength (like 80% of it) based on it's longest axis. (think antenna) it can do a couple things. Increase scanner range (only way we can increase scanner range now is by sacrificing CPU slots!), give us a zoom level based on our scanner strength (new weapons with 30k range, you can barely use them because the enemies are specks)


Excess CPU - Allow excess (or unused) CPU to count towards jump -calculation- speed (we have no way to affect this stat except by making shorter jumps, it heavily reduces the effect of jump cooldowns as well, as even if your cooldown is low, trying to travel a long distance takes 3x as long as your cooldown). With the new loot collection range booster in mind, perhaps have sensor strength have a slight affect on jump calc and loot collection too.



Fighters made from large turrets are a bit daft.



My thoughts on torpedos can be found here: https://www.avorion.net/forum/index.php/topic,4559




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I really like these Ideas!!


Torps/fighters: should be able to craft them with block production and blueprints (like with the fighters) in ship or own Stations, and i really like to implement more than just Material like titanium and iron etc, i´d like to have more use of "trading goods" because these are kind of none present atm eccept you really want to make a trading session.. for example to make a torpedo you have to own fuel, a warhead and maybe an engine in your ship/station! so it would make sense to produce these things your own or look in trading posts if they are available?!

This would bring more connections into the game, more realism, same would be nice for fighters, there are so many trade goods that could be neccessary to craft fighters!! (they can be bought at the fightercrafting station for quite high prices and if the player wants he can collect/craft them on his own)


Pointdefense: i also thinkk it would be nice if they were smaller so you could put more and decrease the range massively!!10 km range for PD turrets and 3 k for a heavy machine gun? i dont like this.. many small short range PD turrets (without crew maybe, but i like the idea of personal needed to run all the ship systems) and even more important: well placed!! if you only put some on top of your ship and a torpedo comes from below you´re wrecked.. ^^ but very imortant decrease the range of these things!!


Inventory: more filters would be nice, where we can precisely search for items


Sensor array: really like the sensor array idea with reducing navigation calculating, because it´s more or less useless atm..

same for mining upgrades (way too small range!!!) and the one that shows interesting things in sector (they are all the same in all rarities from common to legendary and there are)


Fighters: i also noticed this unhappy problem with downscaling big turrets... 

what i really liked to see would be the ability to order fighters at a station, so they produce them (for a cost of course) over time and i don´t have to put so many production on my own ship, maybe it´s more usefull to use the fighterworkshop on the ship to repair fighters after they got "hurt" in battle (what is not yet implemented but they have hitpoints though..? ^^


Let me know how you like my additional ideas if wou want, i´d be very happy to know how others see things :)

Greetings o7

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I totally agree with Kelevra on the idea of torpedoes and fighters using trading goods for production. I would love to see torpedoes being similar customizable as turrets are. Kinda like:

One can decide on a material giving the torpedo some basic attributes,

more warheads increase the damage,

engines make it faster,

targeting systems more agile,

steel might increase the durability and slightly the hull damage but reduces acceleration and agility,

EM charges can give / increase shield damage / penetration,

steel tubes determine the number of fired torpedoes / multi warhead capability ( distributing total damage equally on all torpedoes in the fired swarm)

It would give torpedoes so much possibilities :D

Maybe when the boarding part is implemented, one could even fire marines to the other ship :D

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I'm not a fan of fighters/torps requiring tradeable goods instead of minerals for production. This will effectively push those two elements of gameplay further into lategame stages, or possibly into the AwesomeButImpractical domain, as in fact you will need to establish custom factory chain to be able to fill your carrier, and lets not get started about replacing losses far from home.

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