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Torpedo Classes


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Just got a bit deeper into the beta today and started messing around with torpedoes in creative mode. Absolute blast to use (pun intended). Difficulty isn't high enough to really experiment with the different types yet, being on the outer edge of the galaxy still. Most enemies take one shot to kill.


That being said, I'm seriously enjoying the new depth added, and basically forcing you to either outmaneuver torpedoes or sacrifice weapon slots to shoot them down. On the flip side, it's interesting messing around with the different types and warheads, figuring out which is best for a given situation, when to use one, when to hold off and use something else to fight.


One thing I think would be cool is more than just three classes of torpedo, and more than just three (that I've seen) types of warhead. A shield piercing one for a high price and low yield might be interesting for example. Or low yield, fast and extreme range (like 60km stock), or slow, sluggish but tough and high-yield, or something generally bad in all areas, but dirt cheap and super common, on top of the relatively balanced types we have already. Love the system, but as with anything, I love variety and customization.


Anyone out there have other thoughts? Particular experiences with torps so far? I for one have been having entirely too much fun, and look forward to seeing it all after its on stable branch.

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I noticed more torp types as I got closer to galactic center. I've also found Tandem warheads which simultaneously damage BOTH hull and shield, although they take up a much more storage space. Oh, and I found "kinetic torpedoes" which do low shield damage, but hull damage is based on how fast it is going on impact, hitting for insane damage at top speed XD.


I do agree with how cool they are, and it feels bloody cool facing them down, gives a real sense of urgency and I'd say helps with the balance, because before these it was so incredibly easy to outrange and skirt around foes, now I actually often have a reason to rush in and take out those key ships first rather than take it slow. I'm sure we'll see more cool stuff with them as the version progresses; the thing that bugs me most currently is you have to buy them, and patch notes say they are planning to add ability to loot them which would be sweet. Although being able to build them like fighters might be a tad OP.


Also, it sounds like you are actually like making torpedoes, creating combos of base and warhead? How so, is that a sandbox only thing?

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After posting I realized there is a lot more variety as you get deeper into the galaxy. One torpedo I found was a Kinetic Osprey class with velocity of 9000.  And a little more digging I found there are a lot more warheads and presumably classes.


I might do some work and find as many basic torpedoes as possible and catalogue their stats and such. Anything above common gets a lot of randomization, so it would be hard to get hard numbers from all that. Anyway, tangent aside.


I'm not actually building torpedoes on my own, just finding common stats between classes and warheads. But that does make an interesting point. What if you could find warheads and bodies separately as cargo, and take them in to a factory to put them together? The more likely option is a factory much like turret or fighter factories, where you combine different trade goods to build a torpedo randomly determined by sector and an algorithm.

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I'm wondering if there are plans for utility torpedoes: instead of piercing shield and damaging hull it would pierce shield and heal hull, instead of draining energy it would replenish, etc.


Would make a lot more difference when trying to save friendlies - instead of sending a squad of repair fighters to slowly meander over to tickle them slowly with hp.


Plus they'd be usable on yourself (kinda).

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