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  1. After destruction of non-alliance ships, the towing service is not available at the repair dock, either in my reconstruction zone, or anywhere else. All equipment on the ship has not been returned to inventory or dropped at site of death. Confirmed with 3 ships so far.
  2. So, no ideas as to why the server keeps losing player owned sectors?
  3. This issue is now being reported as affecting every sector that the players have stations in, quite often. Is there any way to stop the server from losing the sector data?
  4. OK, I've confirmed I'm running version 0.18.2 r12552 cc51b37dadf5 , same as you seem to be. OS is Windows 10, for both client and server (different machines though).
  5. Hi unbekannt1984, I'm currently running the latest beta branch, if theres a particular version number you're asking for how would I get that for you?
  6. There is a sector where 3 players have set up a number of stations, and sometimes when they all leave it and one returns, the sector has reset most of the spawnable items, and moved all player owned objects to the centre of the sector. It only loads in the objects owned by the person who has entered, and does not load anyone elses until they arrive. Also; deployed fighters (eg salvage/mining fighters) often dissapear when this occurs. When I looked into the server logs, I found this, which suggests the sector data was lost, and the items are being restored from each clients local data of what was in the system, but since the server was in charge of remembering locations, they all just get put at 0x,0y,0z: FileSecurer: Found backup file "C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Avorion\galaxies\avorion_galaxy\sectors\-170_-16~", trying to restore to "C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Avorion\galaxies\avorion_galaxy\sectors\-170_-16"...Loading of sector (-170:-16) failed. Treating sector as non-exsting. Error: boost::filesystem::last_write_time: The system cannot find the file specified: "C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Avorion\galaxies\avorion_galaxy\sectors\-170_-16~" I hope this helps identify and squash this bug :) Edit: To make this less of an issue, when spawning items without location data back in, could they be spaced apart so as not to be a tiny clump? This would reduce one of the annoying aspects of this bug.
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