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  1. GeneralのBug報告スレッドへの投稿で問題ないと思います。 こちらからもローカライズ版のQoLや誤訳が修正されない問題について開発者の方へ伝えています。 一応、開発者の方にローカライズ版に問題がある事を認識してもらえたようで、こちらも対応とその結果を待っているところです。 ただ、5人くらいで切り盛りしている小さな開発会社なので、多忙すぎて時間がかかっているのかもしれません。
  2. This has caused some chapter titles to be translated incorrectly. Chapter titles should be translated as specified only by the LUA of the encyclopedia. If it overlaps with other LUA's (item, map commands), it will cause more translation errors. -data/scripts/player/background/simulation/refinecommand.lua: In the encyclopedia is a chapter on refining lasers. -data/scripts/player/ui/encyclopedia/chapters/craftmanagement.lua: -data/scripts/systems/shieldimpenetrator.lua: Duplicates with variations of subsystem names.
  3. This is an old problem from before the faction map was implemented. It still generates faction that are divided into barriers. In older versions, there was no faction map. Until users visited the barrier, the inside of the barrier was an unknown place. Also, there were not many story missions. There were also no Hermits. But now it's different. The background story is told in the game. The NPCs say, "We don't know what's inside the barrier." But when we buy the faction map, we can see inside the barrier. Also, there are coordinates inside the barrier in the NPC's home sector answer. According to the story, they should answer, "We no longer have a home sector. It was lost in an event long ago.” And that should change after the user crosses the barrier. "Our home sector is (X:Y). Even the Exotan could not take our home sector from us." From now on, when we generate a galaxy, we need to distinguish between the center and the outer sectors. For the sake of the story. The outer and the central. The center is a faction area only within a radius of 100. The outer is a faction area like a donut in the area outside the center.
  4. I love the new map command and its system. The added personalities of the captains made the NPCs have a higher QOL. It reminds me of the old game "The Atlas". (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Atlas_(video_game)) As for fleet management, I think this evolution is a very good one. Easier to use: Did you know that 75% of players in Avorion only have a single ship? Yes, I did too. This is especially true at the higher difficulty levels. This was mainly a combat issue. AI ships are too immature, too weak, and have too many useless actions. The AI can't control the ships well enough for the user ships. They take all the attacks, get too close to the enemy, stop moving, and break soon. That's right, they can't control the distance to the enemy! This was very deadly and stupid. They still can't point their turrets at the enemy properly. Even with escort orders, the AI ship will never protect the user. The user always protects the AI ship, which is not capable of making decisions. The user was like a babysitter protecting the allied AI ship. Whenever I played the game with an AI ship, it had to be stronger than the user-controlled ship. Like a rockbiter or a death star! Because they would approach a random generator super tesla ship. It was extremely stressful. That's why I only had one ship. Map Command relieved me of that stress.
  5. -The Crew tab in the ship's menu The captain's dismiss button needs to be explained. If you dismiss a captain, they will be moved to the passengers section. However, there are no tips and explanations in the game for this operation. What happens to the salary of a captain when he is in the passenger section? What happens to the captain when the ship sinks? This can be learned by the user through play. However, the user will need some information. -Weapon names, subsystem names. Wow! That's great! I have a very hard time with community translation. Very hard to translate, too. But this is my favorite in v2.0b. -bounty hunter target names and titles ${target} ${name} Same problem with American-style currency symbols and European-style currency symbols. There are a few things that don't translate correctly in this format. For example... "Baron Lando Calrissian". ${target}= Baron, ${name}= Lando Calrissian In the Japanese translation, some titles are placed after the name. ランド カルリジアン(Lando Calrissian) + 男爵(Baron) ${name}${target} This will be the correct translation X-( "Baron", "Don", "Admiral", "Captain", "Commander". These are titles for specific positions or professions. That's the problem. Even more of a problem... The other titles are fine. For example. "The Cavaliers," "The renegades of the Cavaliers." This can be translated using ${target} ${name}. Grammar is a tricky thing! -Seeker Shots type coaxial gun Coaxial gun will not auto fire in auto target slot. This is appropriate (if not an error!) . This is good for preventing friendly fire. However, some weapons do require auto-firing. For the Seeker Shots type missile launcher coaxial gun. -Custom turret size limit In v2.0b, users need to change the size of the ship in terms of its computing power and building knowledge. You can build huge ships with more than 15 slots. At that time, the custom turret becomes a limitation. The maximum size of a custom turret is 10x10. Turret body is 15x15x15. Turret barrel is 45x15x15 (maybe) This is a very strict limit. Because the smallest unit is 0.5. Because if we change the size of the ship. The size of the custom turret forces a change. Because it will reject any number other than 0.5. Therefore, the most valuable custom turret size is .... 0.5x0.5, 1x1, 2x2, 4x4, 8x8 These are the only four patterns. These are the ultimate God's numbers. Turret size is a parameter of the strength of the weapon. This is an important parameter, but it is not flexible in building mode. Because we can't shrink a ship to 90% or enlarge it by 130%! If the turret base block doesn't conform to God's numbers, then the size of the custom turret will change. It can be too big or too small... Is it possible to limit the turret base to just "square"? -User's ship turret position and autopilot. NPC AI (user autopilot) is optimized for ships with turrets in all directions. It is optimized for ships with random generators. However, it is not suitable for ships with turrets in user specific directions. This is an old problem. This is some other feedback from a lot of users The game has come a long way in v2.0. The enemy AI has gotten smarter and has rudimentary tactics. Complaints about old problems can also grow. Users need to have the option to control autopilot tactics. The ships I make, mostly Starblazer ships, are old style ships, like ships on water. All turrets are located on the upper deck. The girls will need to turn port or starboard to face the enemy. This is because that is where they are strongest. The Starblazer Yamato would be a good example. I had a solution to this problem. The autopilot (AI) will try to point the strongest turret at the enemy. What if that strongest turret is a coaxial gun? It will point its strongest coaxial gun at the enemy. If that coaxial gun was on the port or starboard side, it would point the side of the ship at the enemy! All turrets will shoot the enemy on the side. But only if she stops (sigh). Perhaps the developer is working on a new GUI or game system that solves this problem! Keep up the good work!
  6. The upper of the two is your energy consumption and the lower shows how much energy is currently stored. data/scripts/player/ui/encyclopedia/chapters/basics.lua: Isn't this the bar in reverse? A \c(0d0)Military Outpost\c() represents the military force of a faction. Their personnel is well trained, so if you want the best \c(0d0)Gunners\c() and high-ranking \c(0d0)Officers\c(), this is where you look. data/scripts/player/ui/encyclopedia/chapters/exploring.lua: This is still the old version.In v2.0, there is no Officer. Are you not a specialist? To find asteroids with hidden resources, install an \c(0d0)Object Detector Subsystem\c(). data/scripts/player/ui/encyclopedia/chapters/resourcemanagement.lua: Isn't this a "mining subsystem"?
  7. Hyperspace Jumps You can jump to another sector using your \c(0d0)Hyperspace Engine\c(). Open the \c(0d0)Galaxy Map\c() and select reachable target coordinates by right-clicking a sector. Then close the map again, turn your ship until it faces the target sector and start boosting in that direction. data/scripts/player/ui/encyclopedia/chapters/exploring.lua: What is the purpose of opening the sector menu? The command "Enter Coordinates Into Navigation Computer" needs to be explained. \c(0d0)Permanently installed\c() subsystems usually give huge bonuses, but can only be removed close to an \c(0d0)Equipment Dock\c(). data/scripts/player/ui/encyclopedia/chapters/craftmanagement.lua: There is not enough explanation here. I think we should add a warning about the destruction of the subsystem. Map command text. Scrap data/scripts/player/background/simulation/salvagecommand.lua: it is a bit confusing in translation. Isn't salvage the most appropriate?
  8. The new Encyclopedia will be useful. It is hard to read, but I think it has a lot of necessary information. In some entries, there are differences in keywords. In community translation, we can make corrections as we translate. but I think a small check of the original text is needed. Where I noticed "Changing Colors". keyword "color brush". In the building mode menu, it is "Colors". data/scripts/player/ui/encyclopedia/chapters/building.lua: "For some professions, like \c(3dd)Pilots\c(), \c(3dd)Attackers\c() or \c(3dd)Security\c(), normal crew can't be assigned. Instead you'll need to hire \c(3dd)Professional Crew\c() at a station." This "attacker" is "Boarders", isn't it? Client/LoadingScreenTipSelector.cpp:
  9. The keyword is "Arbitrary". The status of the ship is "Free Arbitrary Turrets" or "Arbitrary Turret Slots". However, the system upgrade is different. . /data/scripts/systems/arbitrarytcs.lua: . /data/scripts/systems/teleporterkey2.lua: . /data/scripts/systems/teleporterkey5.lua: "Armed or Unarmed Turret Slots" and "Adds slots for armed and unarmed turrets". All-round Turret Control System". There is no "Arbitrary" here.It's not in the encyclopedia. It's a little confusing. *The problem with "RAW-" and "R-”. This is a keyword that the developer's translator got wrong, but there has been a small problem with it before. In many games, the mining laser mines ore. A salvage laser extracts scrap. I think that is probably the most common image. However, in AVORION, the refining laser is the oldest first weapon.The only one. it is the oldest, it did not need a prefix. The RAW-laser is one of the newest weapons. There were already mining lasers and salvage lasers. So it got a special prefix, right? This is different from the general image that is easy for new users to understand. To make the game easier to understand, can this prefix be reset? Getting ore "mining laser". (old RAW-mining laser) Getting scrap "salvage laser". (old RAW - salvageing laser) Ref-(R-,Refining) mining laser" to get material .(old mining laser). Ref-(R-,Refining) salvageing laser" to get material.(old salvage laser). I think this is easy to understand for new users.
  10. I'll give feedback again. The community translation is being upgraded with feedback from the support version (JP.PO). It's mainly an upgrade of the translations related to system messages. Errors and problematic translations cannot be used for community translation. Even if it is the client's supported version. There are many problems with the current localization that need improvement. For the Japanese community, it is very problematic. Almost everything in JP.PO is Literal translation, and there are so many sentences that are unnatural for the Japanese language. Also, the translators are very lacking in checking the displays in the game. Or they do not check for errors at all. As a result, there are several keywords that are not displayed correctly. The biggest problem is that there is no respect for the AVORION of the game. There is no respect for the Japanese language. There are many characters in the original English text. There are bad guys, good guys, pirates, soldiers, merchants, citizens, and so many more. The characters have a lot of praise, sarcasm, and abuse. The support version (JP.PO) does not have such character personalities. It is ignored in Literal translation. All the characters speak the same language. Pirates, merchants, and citizens all speak like street gangs. There are only violent expressions. This is very, very unusual for a Japanese language. The exception is the DLC. The community translators have localized the DLC Syndicate characters with their own personalities. I used movies and TV dramas as references. And I have translated them uniquely. Only where he has copied the translation of that DLC, the inhabitants of AVORION have personality. This is part of the problem. There is not enough time to give feedback on all of them. So I ask the developers, where does JP.PO come from? Who translated it? Why did you decide to use it? I don't want to know the private information of the translator. I want to know if the translator can improve the translation and fix the errors. And I'm worried that the serious problems that the Japanese community has are damaging Avorion. I am a user. I'm not a developer. Like a developer, I need time to do something other than AVORION. (Work, family, sleep, other hobbies, building ships) So I can't spend a lot of time translating as a community-translation validator. I use a limited amount of time. So the work is slow. However, I know all the problems and improvements of community translation. (I really don't have enough time!) I respect AVORION and hope that the game will be known to Japanese people and sell well.
  11. Japanese localization (JP.PO) is riddled with errors and problems. Can it be improved? I have checked all the beta localization files. I found 9839 sentences. JP.PO was a copy of the community translation. It was a downgraded copy with Literal translation. It has been revamped. It was a copy of the community translation, with many additional issues that were not in the community translation. Or it was a copy of the community translation, again adding many problems that the community translation solved. I have given feedback on issues that need to be fixed immediately in the beta. It's a tiny part of the problem.
  12. deep

    Update 2.0

    Thank you. I'm rooting for the developers 🙂
  13. Proposed Improvements to "Riddle of the Sphinx” (/Common/Scripts/dlc/blackmarket/player/missions/sidemissions/sidemission4.lua:) The reason for the critical error in this translation is that the developer translator is a good person who follows the rules. That's what caused the error in the Japanese translation of the supported version! The meaning and value of this mission is the riddle of the Sphinx. So, the correct translation for this mission is not to directly translate the English original. It is to understand the CONTEXT and the meaning of the English riddles. Then, rewrite it into Japanese Riddle. It's about translating it into a Japanese riddle that Japanese people can understand. The riddles of the Sphinx do not need translation. We need to localize the riddles. It needs to be a backwards Japanese word. Here's a suggestion. The names of the three clues -Erehton = nothere.Japanese translation: "nothere = ここではない". Make "ここではない" into katakana. This is a different character to express, but the meaning is the same. Turn "ココデハナイ" backwards. 「イナハデココ」. This is the Japanese word "Erehton". -Etiseslaf = false site. Japanese translation: "false site = 偽サイト". Make "偽サイト"in katakana. This is a different character to express, but the meaning is the same. This is the same as the Japanese word for "fake site. Turn "ニセサイト" backwards.. 「トイサセニ」. This is the Japanese word "Etiseslaf”. -Reniatnoc = 'container' (Japanese translation: "コンテナ") Turn "コンテナ" backwards. "ナテンコ". This is "Reniatnoc" in the Japanese language. These are the three names that the Sphinx mysteries need. With these three names, a Japanese person can derive the answer by the same process as a native English speaker. A little luck and inspiration. That's what AVORION's Riddles of the Sphinx mission needs, right? Developers, please pass this suggestion on to the developer's translator.
  14. (/Common/Game/Language.cpp:) The translation of the faction titles needs to be fixed! Developers, please tell your translators! This is less critical than the cases of "RAW-Salvaging Lasers" and "MultiHarvest Raw". However, the Japanese language users will be disadvantaged by this translation. It is inferior to playing in English. The developer translator should respect the game and the Japanese language users. The game has 220+1 different random faction political titles. It has two types. -The %s context:This refers to factions, such as 'The Xsotan'. - "The %s Emirate" , "The Emirate of %s" Variations on the same political form with and without "of”(%s ”の” 首長国 or %s首長国) translation of the client support JP.PO has only 110+1 names. JP.PO translation has only 110+1 names. The developer translator has only translated half of them. The same translation is done for "The %s Emirate"(%s首長国), "The Emirate of %s".(%s首長国) It ignores the meaning and value of the name of the faction with "of", the flavor of the game, and the two personalities. In the Japanese language (and I think this is true for other languages as well) The Emirate of "AAAAA" means Emirate of the race or alien race "AAAAA".(AAAAAの首長国) The Emirate of "AAAAA" can also mean the Emirate of the geographical location "AAAAA".(AAAAAの首長国) In the Japanese language, faction names with and without "of" have the same value. There is a clear difference in the nuances. Meaningful and game-worthy Especially with the "of". doesn't have any "Buccaneers" in the client support JP. where the Buccaneers' translation is Buccaneers = Adventure They have a different name for it. This translation is wrong. It means "group of adventurers." Please take back the Buccaneers. So, you absolutely need to translate 220+1 political titles for this faction! This is a worthy translation! Developer translators, please respect the game and the Japanese language users! If the developer translator can't or has difficulty translating the "of", please let me know here. I will help with that part. Alternatively, developer translators can copy the translation (220+1) of the political title of the faction in the community translation of the official translation site. (/Common/Game/Language.cpp:)派閥のタイトルの翻訳に修正の必要があります 開発者、どうかあなたたちの翻訳者に伝えてください これは”RAW-サルベージングレーザー”、”MultiHarvest Raw”のケースよりも致命的ではありません。 しかし、この翻訳は日本の言語のユーザーが不利益をこうむります 英語でのプレイより劣ってしまいます。 開発者の翻訳者は、ゲームと日本の言語のユーザーを尊重してください ゲームには、220+1種類のランダム派閥の政治タイトルがあります。 それは2種類あります。 -The %s context:This refers to factions, such as 'The Xsotan'. -"The %s Emirate" ,"The Emirate of %s” 同じ政治形態で”of”のあるなしのバリエーション クライアントのサポートJP.POの翻訳では、110+1の名前しかありません。 開発者の翻訳者は半分しか翻訳していません。 "The %s Emirate" ,"The Emirate of %s”に同じ翻訳がされています。 ”of”のある派閥の名前の意味と価値とゲームのフレーバーと二つの個性を無視しています。 日本の言語において(これは他の言語でも同じだと思います) "The Emirate of AAAAA" は、”AAAAAという人種かエイリアン種族”のEmirate”という意味をもちます。 ”AAAAA”という地理的な場所のEmirateという意味にもなります。 日本語言語において、”of”のある派閥名前と”of”のない派閥名前の価値は同じです。 そのニュアンスは明らかに違いがあります。 意味があり、ゲームとしての価値があります 特に”of”がある事で。 これは些細な事ですが、クライアントのサポートJP.POには”バッカニアーズ”がいません そこでは、バッカニアーズの翻訳は、 バッカニアーズ=冒険(冒険) 違う名前にされています。 この翻訳は間違いです。 ”冒険者たち(の集団)”という意味になります バッカニアーズを取り返してください だから、絶対に220+1この派閥の政治タイトルを翻訳する必要があります これは価値がある翻訳です 開発者の翻訳者は、ゲームと日本の言語のユーザーを尊重してください もし、開発者の翻訳者が、”of”の翻訳が出来ないか難しいのなら、ここで伝えてください。 わたしがそのパートを手伝います。 もしくは、開発者の翻訳者は公式翻訳サイトのコミュニティ翻訳の派閥の政治タイトルの翻訳(220+1)をコピーしてください。
  15. Need to fix. Explains critical errors in naming Raw-mining lasers and Raw-salvage lasers In the official translation site, the translation of Raw-mining-laser is "Raw ore mining laser(粗鉱採掘レーザー)" in Japanese language. The translation of "RAW" is "Raw ore(粗鉱)" in Japanese language. In English, it would be ”Raw ore Minning Laser”. Therefore, this keyword cannot be used for other items. In the client's Jp. po. R-(RAW-) salvage laser is also the same translation "粗鉱サルベージレーザー". This is a critical error. It means "Raw ore Salvaging Laser". The same mistake is made in the DLC's Legendary weapon, "RAW-". MultiHarvest Raw-" is very serious. it translates to "crude". I do not know the translator. I don't know if he(she ? they are?) is a native Japanese speaker or bilingual. However, I do know that he referred to the community translation on the official translation site. So, as a validator, I changed the translation on the official official translation site Raw- (R-)" in the community translation is "unrefined"! This is used in the sense of a mining or salvage laser that does not refine the ore or blocks into material This is the counterpart to a refining laser. Developers, please pass this on to your translators. 粗鉱(Raw ore)の単語の使い方を間違えています。 粗製は、まったく別の意味です。 私には翻訳者がだれかわかりません。 ネイティブな日本語スピーカーなのかバイリンガルなのかわかりません。 しかし、彼(彼? 彼女? 彼ら?)がオフィシャル翻訳サイトのコミュニティ翻訳を参考にしたことは分かります。 なので、ヴァリデータとしてオフィシャル公式翻訳サイトの翻訳を変更しました コミュニティ翻訳での「Raw-(R-)」は、「未精製」です これは、鉱石やブロックをマテリアルに精製しないマイニングレーザーやサルベージレーザーという意味で使われます これはリファイニングレーザーと対になる意味です
  16. I will explain some details. The JP.PO file in the supported version of the client is translated into Japanese, including the names of people and ships. The official translation site I manage as a validator does not translate names. Even in Japanese translations, names of people and ships are displayed in the same alphabet as the original English text. There is a reason for this. This is a pronunciation problem. Other than that, it can cause translation trouble. Example: In the case of "Mr. Jackson", it also says "Jackson" in Japanese. Riddles of the Sphinx of the DLC Black Market have been destroyed in the supported JP.PO translation. The user cannot read the three hints. This is because Palindrome is translated directly into Japanese. This doesn't translate the nuances of the original. There are other parts that need to be modified in the name of the weapon. The part of the Raw-mining laser and the Raw-salvage laser. There is a problem with the name of the Raw-Salvage laser. The meaning of the translation is different. 具体的に説明します。 クライアントのサポート版のJP.POファイルは、人や船の名前といった固有名も翻訳して日本語にしています。 わたしがバリデータとして管理している公式翻訳サイトの翻訳は、人名などの翻訳をしていません。 日本語の翻訳でも人や船の名前は、英語の原文と同じアルファベットで表示しています。 これには理由があります。 これは発音の問題。 他にも翻訳のトラブルの原因になるからです。 例: 「ミスタージャクソン」の場合、「Jackson」と日本語でも表示しています。 サポート版のJP.POの翻訳では、DLCブラックマーケットのスフィンクスの謎々が破壊されています。 ユーザーは3つのヒントが読めません。 これは、Palindromeを直接的に日本語にしている為です。 これは原文のニュアンスを翻訳できていません。 他にも武器の名前で修正が必要な場所があります。 Raw-採掘レーザーとRaw-サルベージレーザーの部分です。 Raw-サルベージレーザーの名前に問題があります。 翻訳の意味が異なっています。
  17. 【1.3.8b】日本語サポート開始 1.3.8ベータからクライアント側で日本語がサポートされるようになります。 クライアントの日本語は、クライアントのdataフォルダーのLocalizetionフォルダーにおかれている ” jp.xlm ”で指定されている、同フォルダー内の ” jp.po ”の翻訳ファイルを読み込みます。 言語メニューでは、「japanese」と表示されます。 Modの方は、Modに同梱されている” ja.xml ” で指定されている公式翻訳サイトから取得した” ja.po ”の翻訳ファイルを読み込みます。 1.3.8b以降は、言語メニューで「japanese2」と表示される様に変更しています。 1.3.8b開始の時点では、クライアントのJP.POと公式翻訳サイトのJA.POで、翻訳の内容は異なっています。
  18. Congratulations! It will help many Japanese players. I checked the JP.PO file at 1.3.8b for Japanese localization. There are a lot of great places and places. There are many places that have problems with translation. In terms of nuance, the problem is obvious. Who translated it? Is it a staff of voxelware?
  19. deep

    Update 2.0

    And Official translation site has had a critical WordPress error for a long time. File cannot be exported with "All current" option in all tabs.
  20. deep

    Update 2.0

    Some content on the official translation site has been overwritten with an older version. It is the part that changes the system upgrade to a new "subsystem". Please check it.
  21. Some categories of words in the translation site's 2.0 beta test text are strange. ・independent turret, independent targeting The name of the subsystem or turret function. In 2.0 b, the "auto-targeting" keyword is added. "Adds slots for independent turrets" and "Auto-Turret Slots" More words have the same meaning and function. Isn't it good to unify the keywords to be easy to understand? e.g. "AUTO-TURRET", "auto-targeting"
  22. "Update to Steam Workship" windows creates a lag. Probably because there are too many 3D models in every menu. We don't need many windows. We don't need a lot of spinning 3D models. -Open "Update to Steam Workship". start heavy lag. -Close "Update to Steam Workship". Lag is over.
  23. Missing "Dark Gray" in color palette. Older patches (v 0.28.1) have this color name. -v1.3.7b -v0.28.1
  24. This has been an error since color palette translation was implemented. About a few months. The reference where the translation is specified is 'data/rgb.txt:' However, 'data/rgb.txt:' does not have a translation tag ' " " t _ x '.
  25. The PO. file cannot be exported from the official translation site. This trouble is very long. This has continued for several days. If I'm lucky, I can export it. (Just minutes or seconds a day!) About 9600 translations are required for beta clients. There are 22563 sentences in the official translation site. There are countless similar sentences.This looks like a serious error. And the server was very slow to auto-upload templates. The server finished uploading the 1.3 b template yesterday. It was about 200 or 300 sentences per day. Please check this.
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