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  1. I have not. Even after months, I have not found a solution. I think I found it related to the AvorionServer.exe or where the single and multiplayer "servers" launch from as they don't appear anywhere, even in the task manager as a process. I am attempting to work through it today, with the same results. I was hoping the newest updates might have patched this issue, but it has not. Nothing has changed since then hardware wise, still running a GTX 2080TI and an Intel i7-10700K with Windows 10 Pro 21H1, and 64gb RAM. So far, I have tested killing anti-virus, firewall, and any other programs I believed would be causing interference with the local connection, but nothing appears to be working. This even interferes with multiplayer connections still. I also do not receive any errors in my event logs that would indicate major fault. The only thing is a warming about a DistributedCOM not having Local Authority. According to Microsoft that shouldn't be killing issue, and advised against making adjustments to it for privileges. I may have found a software conflict or issue. I run ASUS GameFirst IV as it is suppose to priorities applications' network data. I didn't think it would cause a conflict, but it appears to causing a routing issue. I kill the software and Avorion runs single and multiplayer servers multiple times with little to not issues. I am guessing in single player, GameFirst can't understand why it would route to yourself. The original problem I think started with my anti-virus, Bitdefender, seeing some programs as virus. I set the entire steam folders to be excluded to avoid future issues. I will update after some time to see if that was the resolves the issue.
  2. I found out that the game is either getting corrupt after one launch, corrupting the ntdll.dll file, or for some reason loses where ntdll.dll is located. I have went so far as wiping and reinstalling my OS, had the game run perfectly once, then just stopped loading the same galaxy I initially launched. I was starting to play the game consistently with my friends and then it decided to break with no reason. Its hit and miss on multiplayer servers as well. I have a good idea it will load once, then never connect to the the server again, and would actually cause the serve to restart from an unknown reason as well. Even the 4Players support claims its a mod, but no one else has the issue or causes the restart except for me. I have looked everywhere for an answer to this, and anything related to the ntdll.dll does not work, or fix the problem completely. I am at a loss and need something to fix this completely.
  3. I have been trying to load up single player for sometime today, 11/13/20, and either the sound cuts out and the game closes or I get the server refused connection error. I've reinstalled, validated, disabled all the mods, renable one by one, wiped my firewall rules that pertain to Avorion and Avorion Server, and even went as far as uninstalling my virus protector with no changes. I'm at a lost and would like to be able to play this game by myself without having to rent a server that may or may not even allow a connection. I have noticed in the server logs on the single player that it throws a Thread Error 33 after it registered and starts creating the world. On the client side, it throws up the UDP connection refused multiple times in the initial server connection, and depending on the server state being new or supposed created, it either stops loading and shuts the game or throws the connection refused. I also use the Single Player to test mods being added to the rented server for private use to avoid breaking that server. The only workshop items being loaded are the turret, station, and ship designs which I would imagine to nothing except blueprints rather than files that affect the game files. ********* Found this to be an issue with version 1.3.4 being changed or a micro update occuring as of 11/10/20 everything had been working without an issue. By chance I went to Beta Version 1.3.5 and have no issue. This is occuring with a rented server that I helped setup that is running Version 1.3.4. Not sure why, but it is an issue. *****Update******* Beta version has now broken in the same fashion. clientlog 2020-11-13 12-33-14.txt serverlog 2020-11-13 12-42-27.txt
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