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  1. As a builder, I think that there should be more diffrence between blank hull and smart hull. Either give smart hull lower hp to reflect the computers/electronic/ship systems inside, or give blank hull more hp to represent more structural integrity. I would suggest the latter, as it would futher shift the meta balance away from shield spam, and it would not penalise players (more user friendly). Also, a diffrent texture would be nice; for example the blank hull would keep the current texture and the smart hull could recive a more "technical" texture full of small pipes, wires and vents (kinda small built-in greebles) 2
  2. It just so happens that I've made Sword-class frigate- my smallest ship yet I've updated the post, the steam links are under the ship screens
  3. As in the title, I think that turrets, when switched off, should rotate back to the orientation they were placed in. Seing all turrets pointing at diffrent places looks somewhat wrong when no enemys are present.
  4. As in the title, we really should be able to paint the blocks in any given color, instead of having to use very limited palette. Especially that some colors like most very dark colors or shades of green are VERY limited. Isuggest using sliders of red, green and blue as well as opacity of the paint in the color selection menu.
  5. I had situation when I would need this block, people will be very confused how to use it though.
  6. Some sort of a slider on how big (length, thickness, brightness / transparency) the plume is would be very helpfull. "Might be even better as a straight particle producing block so that it can be utilized with thrusters as well" as said by CaotcAftermth
  7. Zajc


    That would be helpful
  8. yeah, I'm updating them slowly and putting on the workshop (also creating new ones) I honestly forgot about this forum lol
  9. Guys, I'm back! Sorry for staying silient for so long, I'm in college and I do not have much time. But, I wanted to update ships I created and perhaps creating something new. Anyway, Vandel did a reviev of my ships, I know it was half a year ago, but I live in a wooden shack with no water and no internet XD. Here's a link:
  10. In your first reply under this post it is still stated that te statue is your work. Change it.
  11. Like, it was on top of my first ship, the Retribution.
  12. Why did you copy my statue without asking huh?
  13. I know, right? Gothic architecture FTW! ps. It has warp drive, not hyperdrive, it's not star wars ;)
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