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  1. This is possible using the Debug Menu. It doesn't 'save' Player Entities as far as I recall (i.e. yes, your Stations and in fact all other things in-Sector except your Ship (maybe use a Mining Drone just in case) will be destroyed), but it does regenerate the entire Sector. Not sure if "only newly discovered sectors" includes regeneration through Debug Menu but if it doesn't, you can get your hands on a brand new Sector using: /run Entity():addScriptOnce("data/scripts/lib/entitydbg.lua")
  2. A mod by Nyrin just came out that addresses some of the requested functionality! Check it out here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2597234464
  3. Wow, what a mod! Looks exciting! I'll see if my friends are interested and let you know if it works well on multiplayer servers soon. šŸ™‚
  4. Hey there! I love the new Captains. However, I've started getting into that classic mid-game part of Avorion and am starting to notice that I'm 'abusing' certain types of Captains to give my Station Founder Ships certain buffs since no other Captains would give them anything beneficial. Maybe that's by design. That said, here's some ideas for some more Captain classes / archetypes that are specifically geared towards running Stations: Economist Business Sense: All trades performed at this Station get a mark-up or mark-down in prices in favour of the Station owner Manufacturer Driven: Increases Production output of your Factory by some flat/percentage bonus Armada: +1 Concurrent Fighter Productions Fleet Commander I Send the Swarms: +1 maximum Fighter Squadrons allowed at this Station Bullet Hell: all Fighters launched from this Station have +10% attack speed And here's some ideas for upgrades to the currently existing classes, so that perhaps all Captains could be useful as an either/or Ship-or-Station-manning Captain. I.e., don't necessarily change anything about the current Captains, but add more Traits that give benefits when they man a Station specifically: Merchant Market-Savvy: Draws more Traders to the system Explorer Quest Generator: Station generates special Bulletins that give you rewards for going on Exploration missions yourself (the Player) Commodore Intimidating: reduces likelihood of Pirate raids in this Sector. Stack multiple Stations all equipped with Commodores to create a 'Safe Haven', a sort of reverse Hazard Zone, where Traders feel like they can come and go as they please without having to worry about getting ambushed Daredevil Boistrous: Draws the attention of Pirates / Xsotan more than other targets in-Sector, allowing you to create Stations that are effective 'tanks' for the rest of your Ships/Stations in-Sector and/or distraction buoys some distance away from the more vulnerable targets, by drawing aggro from hostiles Miner & Salvager Industrious: When running a Resource Depot, increases yield from refining Raw Ore into Resources (i.e. 'bonus' to Resource output -- 'free' Resources) Smuggler "Licenced" Retailer: Turns this Station into a Smuggler's Outpost, where you can trade illegal goods and unbrand stolen goods. Severely reduces Trader traffic in-system (they don't like to hang around where the shady people of the Galaxy lurk)
  5. What a monster of a patch! I love it!
  6. Hey! My proposition is a one-key engagement of your Autopilot (a new feature in currently on the Beta branch). This is so that you can keep flying without switching to Strategy Mode (1), aligning your camera to your target (2+), clicking in the list of Ships to reselect your own Ship (3), and clicking your target or destination (4). Don't get me wrong: I love Strategy Mode. Especially with the QoL updates, it's been a joy to use. But the proposed system saves on clicks/actions dramatically! Instead of 4+ clicks/button presses, you would have one (1) single button press to engage the Autopilot. The most typical use-case for this would be Cruise Control. This means you engage the Autopilot, and it just keeps your current heading and speed. With additional thrust input, you could even get it to speed up and/or boost. But when you have a target selected, using this new hotkey would interact with it as appropriate for that object as if you just used Strategy Mode. For example, with a Station selected, it would perform an Autopilot fly-to and then start a Docking sequence. If it's an Asteroid, we will attempt Mining it. If it's a Wreck, we will begin to Salvage it. If it's a hostile Ship, we will engage it using the Autopilot's Attack Enemies Order. (Advanced features require a Captain as appropriate to the current functionality of the Autopilot.) Nearly all of this functionality already exists in-game through the Strategy Mode. For most of these features, it is simply a 'rebinding' of the behaviour from 'Strategy Mode -> navigate view -> select Ship -> right click' into 'middle-click to select -> hotkey'. The Cruise Control is new behaviour, but would appear easy in concept; maintain current speed and don't use Thrusters at all. The extra speed and boost controls are niceties to add on top but not crucial for the requested functionality. Thanks for reading! Shroob P.S. Thanks to Discord user Yukkahiro for the spark!
  7. I do, I do! I love reading all the bugfixes. :D
  8. Hi there! Just bumping the topic to let you know I've rewritten the first post entirely. No more pictures; just plain text code blocks for easier copy-pasting (and also to ensure the images don't get deleted over time like with the previous version... yuck!). Furthermore, slightly edited some instructions for clarity, and added my own music.lua to the end of the first post in case you want/need to copy it over in its entirety for whatever reason or just like seeing a complete example. There's also a downloadable attachment. See the first post of the topic!
  9. No, you are correct. You can, however, change the position of the grid vertically and pan around -- check the keyboard shortcuts noted at the bottom of your screen for help.
  10. Hey! I suggest Bubbet's Ranks Mod. It does everything Welcome Mail would have done, and more.
  11. Hey there, just to follow up on this: after a suggestion by Ravenis on Discord, I've managed to get it working. The solution was to add the --public 1 --listed 1 arguments to the startup script. I would like to add how weird it is that the INI file had these arguments set to true already, and the CMD prompt and server log read-outs all said that "yes, we are public and listed", yet it appears to be lying about that unless you also specify it in the startup script itself. A little arcane. But I have a working server now. Hope this helps someone else along the way.
  12. I have since figured out that I was putting in the wrong IP for direct IP connect. That now works. The server still doesn't display on the public server list, though.
  13. Hey guys, This question must have been asked a thousand times before... Trying to create a server so I can test my multiplayer mods on it, and I'm running into issues. I'm on Windows, and followed all the Wiki steps. I forwarded the correct ports (27000 - UDP & TCP; 27003 - UDP; 27020 - UDP; 27021 - UDP -- and even tried forwarding all of them on both TCP and UDP), poked holes in my Firewall, set listed=true in the server.ini. Tried the --use-steam-networking 1 command line argument as well. I can see it on the public server list if I log onto the game on the same machine it's running on, but can't see it if I log onto the game (on another Steam account) on a different computer. If I try to direct connect through IP, it says the server is unreachable. I do not have Antivirus blocking me or anything else, and I'm not running through a VPN. I've pretty much exhausted all Google search results and I'm a bit at a loss. Any ideas? Thanks a lot, Shrooblord
  14. I'm having exactly the same problem. Running on Windows, followed all the Wiki steps. Forwarded the correct ports, poked holes in my Firewall, set listed=true in the server.ini. Tried the --use-steam-networking 1 command line argument as well. I can see it on the public server list if I log onto the game on the same machine it's running on, but can't see it if I log onto the game (on another Steam account) on a different computer.
  15. I'm trying to use the forceDock() function, but its final two arguments, which should indicate the dockee's look and up vectors, don't seem to do anything, no matter what sort of matrix I use. I'm using console print-outs to confirm that the matrices themselves are accurate, but the dockee simply never rotates. It always uses the parent's look and up vectors, as if I entered nil for those final two arguments. Is that expected behaviour? If not, could you please look into this? I have a great mod in the making (some nice docking mechanics!), but it's stopped totally dead in its tracks because of this behaviour. ==== Koonschi reported that this is already possible / more workable if you use strings for the axes you want your dockees to align to, eg. "x", "-z". I have found it quite tricky to find the right combinations of vectors (which are in the parent's LOCAL SPACE!) to get the orientation I need, as many of the ones I expect to function given the colours of the axes reported in Build Mode as well as console read-outs of Block positions, don't behave to expectations, but with some fiddling of letters you can find them. I reserve the right to hide the fact I may just be terrible at vector Maths. šŸ˜‰
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