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  1. Hello. I want to discuss the fact that currently the energy weapons seem horribly overnerfed and they are lack the DPS to be end game viable. I have not played avorion for a while, but when I used to play it, I remember that building laser turrets in turret factories could yield you weapons with up to 5k damage if not higher. Currently, they go around 200 to 400 at max. Same goes for tesla turrets. They are also horribly energy inefficient. They lack the sustainability and damage wise they do not make up for it. The very same applies to pulse cannons, plasma cannons, Lightning guns and pretty much all the energy weapons out there. What I have noticed however is that chain-guns got buffed a lot. When before building chainguns in factories was completely pointless, since they would never have damage equal to lasers, now it is almost the perfect opposite. A single chaingun can make up to 2k damage (At least from the factories I have found), essentially replacing what laser used to be before. They also do not overheat, so they can keep up sustained DPS for as long as needed. What was the reason for making such an inconsistent decision? What was the point of "Balancing" energy weapons if they were replaced with something different and a lot cheaper? I enjoyed the light show some fights could bring up, using the cool lasers. Now I am forced to using boring chainguns in order to be end game viable. Also the decision to make each "Turret" cost more than a single slot was not good either. You are essentially forcing the players to make bigger ships, with larger volume in order to get more slots. So in the long run the Health/shield / Damage ratio is completely incorrect. So to sum it up, you made all the weapons except chainguns completely useless.
  2. After raiding long enough in a single sector, it will get marked as a hazard zone. How long does it take for the hazard zone to be removed and for freighters to spawn again? Also how do you determine that the current sector is marked as a hazard zone (Apart from the message at the bottom right of the screen). I do not seem to be able to determine that from the map. Can anyone explain this to me? Thanks.
  3. I think the OP is referring to more of a plot hole. They have access to avorion and they can jump over rifts. If they want to take over the galaxy, why do not they just send their strongest most powerful fleet from the core of the galaxy to destroy other sectors. I have been asking this question myself for a while.
  4. The biggest issue I personally find with turrets, or their damage altogether is how beefy stations are. The whole end game is supposed to be about eliminating enemy factions and burning down their stations. The deal breaker is that I made myself a ship with over 100K omicrons. There was not a ship I could not one hit kill (With all-laser turret build). When it comes to stations, it still takes well over a minute to fully destroy one with 10M hull 10M shields. At this point, killing enemy ships is boring, because you vaporize them with your lasers in less than a second. But since enemy stations have so much health, you are literally forced to make these weapons. What I am trying to point out is the massive balance issues considering station health and enemy ship health. I sometimes feel like the core system stations are not even meant to be destroyed.
  5. Yes! But if a player jumps into a sector and jumps between all enemies, no observation will save him. If players are stupid and they play on a higher difficulty, they should die. But nobody should be forced to die because of bad luck. Then give space between eemy in jump ? You want to sit there having big shield and shot you gun ? Is that fun to you ? This game combat system are mediocore ad need fix. Or you jus want to fanboy to the dev ? You seem to be calling everyone who disagrees with your blunt opinions a fanboy. Nothing in offense mate but it is time to grow up and respect people a bit. The in game combat is good as it is. It is a game about building ships and upgrading ships. Nothing more to it. You can do some maneuvers but in the end the combat comes down to numbers. That is what makes the game fun. You can unleash your creativity and ingenuity to make a ship that is literally unstoppable.
  6. 1. Yes it does? What is the matter with it. If you go through the whole process of manufacturing or providing supplies to a station that can manufacture over 800 war robots, the reward is well deserved. 2. I have not encountered this issue in the latest patch. It has been fixed. I am going to copy paste the changelog just for the sake of it AI trading ships are now pulled towards/pushed away from docks with a tractor beam AI trading ships avoid occupied docks 3. Res depots are not supposed to be infinite supply givers. That is why salvaging and mining exists. I find it hard to believe you depleted every single resource depot and now have nowhere to buy resources from.
  7. 1. Ever since v 11 item stock generation has been limited to 500K. There will not be a stock of items that worth more than this value. There is no exploit unless you forgot to mention something crucial. As far as you make your own trading chains and supply the stations so they can generate the supposedly "OP" goods then it works as intended. 2. That has been fixed in 15.1. The tractor beam you see when NPCs are docking? That is that. No pushing required. Ensure you running the latest version. 3. Not sure about that. I never cared enough to double check the same resource depot. By the end of the game I bought/mined so many materials that I never even had to bother revisiting the same res depot.. I had issues understanding the rest of your post. Please improve your English.
  8. Nobody cares. There are far better things to care about than random trolls on steam forums. Report it and move on. Trolls will be everywhere. Making such a fuss about it is going to make YOU LOOK worse.
  9. Hello. When you build your own turret factory, what determines the quality of the stats. Some turret factories make weapons with DPS around 500 to 700, while some go as far as 1100+. My question is, what determines these values? I originally thought that the closer you get to the core, the better "quality" turrets you can make. But unfortunately this was not the case. I am looking for over 2K dps laser turrets, but so far I have been unsuccessful. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Hello. There have been complaints about why trading feels "broken" and why all the stations are out of stock. A lot of people have been wondering what is going on. I have read through a lot of steam posts and lot of forum posts (Some go back to 7 months). Basically ever since the V11 patch, trading has become almost non profitable. A lot of people on Reddit have been mentioning that they were unable to make more than 500K per trade, which is very low compared to what we could make before. Before it was possible to make millions using trading. It was a viable method to get enough capital to start your own empire, build your stations and so on. I was personally disappointed with this nerf choice because it rendered trading entirely unprofitable. At this point selling asteroids and mining is a better income. So I decided to snoop around the code and found the core reason why trading is as broken as it is. As unfortunate as it sounds, the development team has for some reason decided that we should not make more than 500K per trade run. That is right, you read that correctly. Trading is hard capped so no station ever has more than 500K worth of goods of the same type. That is why there are so many low level resources like water. They sell for 10 credits each and if you have 28K of them, you can make 280K profit tops. When it comes to high level items like drills, anti grav units, weapons, body armor, vechicles, war robots, there are never more of them than their total worth of 500K In my opinion this is a poor decision and the nerf is way too huge. I would understand if the cap was at 10 milion, or maybe 5 milion. The spawn rate is RNG based anyway. You still require some amount of luck to find the right items and the right trading routes. There is a 35% chance to have a station completely out of stock. That still makes it balanced and a viable way to make money assuming you have big enough jump range and the right trading software. But 500K is way too little. It is nothing compared to how much you can make by selling stuff or destroying pirates late game. I would appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks. I also modified the file and removed the hard cap, so the trading is as it used to be. If anyone is interested in the modification, please let me know. I will upload it to the mods section. EDIT: Since people were asking for the mod, I will release the file. Last update was for 0.15.7 The mod should still work (However I am currently busy and unable to update it) since the combat update does not interfere with the economy in any way as far as I know. You are free to try. Lines I code I modified are 288 to 320, in case you want to look into it yourself. You are looking for a for cycle for i, v in ipairs(soldGoodsIn) do Drop the file to Avorion\data\scripts\lib and replace. TradingFix.zip
  11. Hello. I have been experimenting with different ship designs and currently I found the USS Enterprise design to be the most effective. With multiple layering I can easily expand the ships modules, however it can be an annoyance. My question is: What ship design do you consider to be the most effective? Neglecting the ships look. As far as the ship achieves highly effective stats, looks is not important (And is kind of hard to achieve a good looking as well as effective ship thanks to how blocks work). I am looking for a design that is easy to build, simple to expand, is extremely mobile and swift and can push each material level to its limits . I am not looking for anything specific, just for a general "Way" to design a ship. If you have good suggestions, I would appreciate it. I would also like you to state the reason why. Thanks for the help.
  12. Where can I get one? I was trading robots and I would get fined had I not jumped away. Any suggestions?
  13. If I want to achieve a a lot of omicrons (at least 50K or higher) what is the best weapon? I have been using lasers so far, but crafting can get the lasers only up to 450 damage per second. I have been experimenting with the lighting gun and damage per shot can get up to 5000. Are there any other alternatives? What is the best weapon?
  14. Is there a way to pass it? I am unable to find a way around it. It seems to extend all around the galaxy. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.
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