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Found 2 results

  1. Hi there. [Description] I play on my dedicated server. This (my) server hosted on my vds. I have a one bug with game. [Bug] 1. Build mode with CTRL + Z => When I press that buttons in build mode and I try build with LBM or delete any block by "delete" button just ... nothing happen. When I do the same on local server and play on local server - all is fine. This bug "disable" some UI feedback or clicks? That means what I can't set space jump sector (idk what exactly name on eng lang), build anymore with LBM and delete blocks in build mode, also in menu like "missions", I can't accept any mission etc. [Info] Game Version: 2.0.7 d3cde408d586 (steam) OS Version: Windows 10 Server Version: 2.0.7 [Video] Check video for see what happen. If you want I can upload video on youtube. Sorry for video quality. [Tooltips] How to check when I press ctrl + z on video? avorion bug.wmv
  2. Hi, this is primarily focus on the standalone Avorion Dedicated Server launcher not hosting through the Avorion client. Avorion Dedicated Server start having issue after official update 2.0 similar from beta 2.0 we tested on. The server launcher close right away after the window appear blank. We already test run compatible mode with different window version and admin mode on ServerRunner and Launcher even on the .bat files. We also tested with 'Disable fullscreen optimizations' and 'Change high DPI settings' but to no avail. The only log was create is the slauncherlog. Specification of the Server PC. - Window 10 - Intel i7 - Integrated Graphic Hope to receive your advice soon. Thank you for your time. Extra note. We tested on our personal PC it also did not work. The launcher appear blank then close right away too. Specification of PC - Window 10 - Intel i7 - GTX2070 Both only work dedicated server work through the client but not on 'AvorionServer' tool. slauncherlog 2021-09-08 15-47-03.txt
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