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  1. Still works on Avorion 1.3.8 and on the 2.0 Beta Branch update! For older versions of Avorion (< 1.0), check the archived first post. ---- [ ! ] Scroll to the bottom of the post for my own full music.lua file to copy-paste into yours in case you need a complete example. [ ! ] To my knowledge, music modding is an entirely client-side process. I.e. the client needs to install the music files themselves, and they cannot be installed through Steam Workshop. I would love to hear if you figured out how to do this, though! Server owners, please read step 10 in the Background / Ambient Tracks section to allow clients to use their music mods on your server. ---- Hey gang, Avorion's Music Coordinator builds a playlist of tracks based on "moods", and chooses tracks that are appropriate for that Sector based on how many Stations are left alive there, how many Wreckages are there, whether the Sector is neutral, hostile, or friendly to you, whether it's completely empty, etc. etc. Basically, you get played tracks that feel "appropriate" for that environment. Introduction What does this mean for all of you out there who had a vast library of music added into the game? Well, I am one of them (3 GB of music to be precise), so let me walk you through the steps of making your music show up in game again. In my case, it's time to categorise 3 GB worth of music into "moods"... ^^" [NOTE:] For all directories, move into your Avorion Steam installation directory first: YourSteamFolder/(...)/Avorion/, typically something like C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Avorion\. All music files need to be in .OGG format, or Avorion will not play them. I've installed my own music files directly into my Avorion installation folder, i.e. in the Steam Directory (see above), not in any other place like AppData nor a /steamworkshop/ folder. I've always done it that way and never tested the others; you might be able to pull it off by installing it there. Let me know if it works! Main Menu Background / Ambient Tracks Combat Tracks Boss Tracks ---------------- Have fun modding your game, and listening to some cool tunes! ~Shrooblord P.S. Note that the file paths described above can be any subdirectory of the Steam Avorion installation path you want! This means that if you package a mod with, for example, a cool new Boss to fight, you can give it custom music that sits in its own folder separate from the data/music folder, so that you don't even have to tell your users to drag the file into the appropriate folder; just "plug 'n play" and there you go! This system means adapting, a little, but it is more flexible than the old one, and you as a modder (or user) have more control. Excellent~! P.P.S. Here's my own music.lua in its entirety, in case you want a more complete example; also included as a downloadable attachment: music.lua
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