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  1. Different little icons on the weapon preview before putting your cursor on it for the keywords like "battery-powered", "synchronised weapons", et cetera. I know there are times where I want to just see the different qualifiers while trying to do inventory management.
  2. In particular zooming out in strategic view gets annoying because sometimes you want to zoom wayyy out. If "reset" meant "make the selection occupy about half the short dimension on your display" that'd be wonderful.
  3. Increase HP for ancient shield Increase default size of teleporter Barely fits larger vessels Add Research Station tab to Rift Research Center (regular research, dual use) Rift Research Center more mission availability If I want to go into the rift at level 10 or 11, I want to go into the rift at level 10 or 11 instead of having to wait 20 minutes for the sector to reset the missions. Increase the number of missions available to cover all of them instead of random missions Add a scrollbar Don't force players to go do something they don't want, especially if they're prepared for a higher level and reward. Not everyone is geared for every mission. This is basically a "sorry, wait 20 minutes for something else random" debuff. This really doesn't help the player experience. Tested for an hour. Mission I wanted did not come up in an hour. This is not a good experience. Add a timer like other stations Research: Research trash "Systems" and Research trash "Weapons" Honestly---not sure why Boxel didnt just incorporate the auto-research mod and simply clean up the threads. This version of auto research is awful. You get nothing but junk out of it because you can't do anything with it except spray and pray. Add a "research like items" first, so if there are 5 shield modules, it takes those shield modules and researches those into the next level instead of grabbing a shield module, a repair gun, a zerg, a shotgun, and boots. I'm not sure if this was designed purposely to make the user "deliberately click what they want to specifically upgrade" or not, but if that was the direction, its a ridiculous notion. Avorion gives you an enormous amount of modules and guns. Being able to specify what items you can combine should be a key part of auto research. The Auto-Research mod was clunky, but it worked in a common sense fashion. The current research does not work with common sense. If you were to change the trashman mod - or "mark as trash" as two options - petty through legendary weapons and petty through legendary modules, that would also resolve the problem because then you could just research only your modules at least, or just trash all of your junk guns. Research - glad you added auto. Not happy how you did it. Auto-Research mod is flat out better in every way outside of optimization. I went back just to verify that auto research was not being smart enough to say "oh, there are five energy to shield modules, combine those." no, it was "zerg, shotgun, boots, protoss, and bringin them home to you" bow bow bow bow bow bowwwwww Object Detectors - no comment, very cool. But please remove project exodus from the ping list unless you removed its constant blinky blinky. Though I have not tested it, I've been told that avorion does not suffer consequence from rift fog. I think this is a design error. Sort of. Avorion has no armor. Circumvent with "compressed avorion" that's smoother looking and higher hull count (1.5) that doesn't count as armor and costs thrice as much. (?) Cool, more hull skins were added Stability I'm finding low stability within the rift and strategic screen. Moving about, refocusing has now caused me two client crashes. Running a 3060 and ryzen plenty of system resources. Client crash when trying to exit rift Client crash when in the rift no strategic screen Really wish you guys released this to folks running servers for testing before release Client Crash detection: If client crashes/times out - pull the ship from the rift instead of destroying it. This stops players from losing fighters and cargo for something that is outside of their control. If they die they die, but if its a timeout? Not cool. Trade Deal Options with NPC Factions Option to put down credits per hour to increase faction relations until alliance is possible over time decreases jump gate costs NPC Faction Auto-Assist If player has high excellent relations / alliance with a faction and is hit by pirates and gets under 25% hull, local NPC faction will send ships Replaces the "click to make it happen" with "NPC Assistance Beacon" Is fully automatic For non-rift scenarios Rift items Old Research ship. Uses an old script about being followed by xsotan--nothing new here. Boring. research data ok Items you can scan should have far more "wartime" type of logs. eg: "First Office--Acting Captain's Log: Xsotan came out of nowhere at 0847. Fourteen stations were eradicated in minutes along with our entire system defense force. Reinforcements arrived too late, mere moments after the Xsotan left the system in a debris field. Our main power was knocked out and we were left for dead, and the Captain was killed in the first salvo. The Cormorant is sending a shuttle to evacuate--" *Klaxons blaring* "Captain to the bridge! They're attacking again!" "Heaven's hel---" Scan ship Loose ancient subsystem [attempt retrieval + research] Retrieve bodies for burial [attempt retrieval + research] These can be attempted one after the other instead of one or the other Both grant research regardless of retrieval achieved Ancient ship - Repairable Should probably either remove this or add in something that preserves it. Makes no sense that it can set there for thousands of years and the moment you board it it decides it can't handle the environment and explodes within 30 seconds Missions: General: platform (protection and repair) dont have nearly enough hitpoints The swarm attacks are far too aggressive. I can recognize that the intent here is "unrelenting assault" but by the same token, there are other problems that make it effectively impossible to get out if you're not horrifyingly overpowered. Add another modifier to your modules: Mass detection reduction Allows a higher mass by default, so for instance if your base ship is 383.99kt ( :) )and you have mass reduction of say 30% (from 10 legendary modules, 3%/each) then you can go in at lowest detection rating with a 500kt ship. Further, lower mass should lower the intensity of the xsotan swarm attacks as they dont recognize it as a threat threat Gate activators should be invincible. It is beyond the pale that they are so fragile for such a critical item. Trying to dock? Oh! Look! A swarm! It jumped right on top of you! Annnnnnd the gate activator has been destroyed. They should not be constructed of explodium. Really, nothing that is "ancient" should be constructed of explodium--we know via lore that it wasn't their tech that was awful---it was their numbers. Buoys are absolutely useless. Why do the buoys not show on the entire map regardless of where you are? The whole point of a buoy is to navigate. It should have a strong IFF that is detectable by the player only, and specialized to not attract xsotan. They should be invincible objects and/or undetectable by xsotan or treated as non-hostile. Batteries. There needs to be at least 1.5x the number of batteries required on the map. Once detected the player should always know where they are--TAG em! Using an ancient gate in lieu of a handily handed-to-you wormhole generator for a higher difficulty mission seems like a cheap difficulty creator. Why do we not just get a wormhole generator for every mission? I wouldn't suggest it if not for lack of batteries and explodium based gate activators. Into the swarm This one feels good. It is difficult as intended. The damage effects put the player into a precarious situation as intended until they can get enough effect resistance, which is cool. Applied Xenology Bug report submitted 08-11-22 0340 CST Not enough batteries for what is present in the map The map is massive, making 38 minutes for someone improperly equipped an impossibility I was in this map for three hours, had to use admin commands to clear debris from 500+ dead xsotan Update the notes for the mission to include "sector scanner highly suggested" Rescue of lost expedition Make any item that you have touched appear permanently regardless of range. If you have interacted with something, you should automatically know where it is via automation---not leaving it to the player to navigate 3d space. This might have been what the beacons were for? But wouldn't it be simpler to just tag an item? Escape pods do not automatically show on your screen. These things should be LIT UP on your hud as they're mission critical. I'm not talking about the ones that aren't in use. I'm talking about the ones with people that you're rescuing on them. They should be very easy to locate once they've been boarded instead of the player having to squint real hard. That isn't fun---that's annoying and tedius. Xsotan Core Extraction This one is tough. It feels like this is what a hard mission should be. The enemies are difficult. The torpedoes are very angry. This mission feels like Cooperative play is practically a requirement. I would have been able to solo it without admin commands had it not been for buoys not showing up and the gate activator being made of explodium. Unfortunately, due to those two things, it amplified the difficulty 5x+ just because of navigation and explodium. Rare Minerals By this point I've figured out that pretty much all rifts are using the same map, more or less, though randomly generated with similar specific requirements. Rare minerals need to have a different color through the mineral detection. From what I could tell they were all iron. I went through a variety of different minerals and that makes sense for them to be, since rare minerals is a mission that would be available at lower levels. But since they're all iron, there should probably still be a different color of rock for the mineral detector to pick up, and they should be pingable too. The bonus on this map (not sure if bonuses are randomized yet) were the unusual xsotan breeder structures. They're tiny, weak, and they're weak enough that you can blow them up and not know it---which means you lost the sample, because the sample doesn't light up. It should have its own color like a deep glowing angry red so it is visible. Effects New background lightning is awesome New warpy effects are awesome Wreckage List Because of the amount of debris and asteroids, its hard to tell if its by design or not, but its extremely difficult to find anything ---but I'm saying that before considering that that might be what the new pingy scanners are for. Mines Awesome addition Can players make these too? Mine tab along with a [please for the love of god] rebuilt torpedo tab? Teleporter structure Needs to be larger so it cant be bumped and shuffled Teleporter effect needs to be altered from the jumping effect, so the blue energy shadow stays in place. Its a teleporter, not a jump gate. General Crew Transports - give them transporters, because they are DUMB. DUMB DUMB DUMB. Make it so you can transfer crew from 10km away as they have a tendency to just not get close enough, or if you dont get to it in time (station) they'll just sit there and you have to build a dongle from your station to reach them. Torpedo screen This thing is awfulbad terribad. Still. Running even a 3060 it chews up gram hard when doing any kind of torpedo transfer. The torpedo screen causes extreme server/client latency. Its as if it is treating the torpedos as individual items instead of a simple number. Shouldn't it be: Torpedo type ABC Count 123 - One packet to deliver data, let the client handle it Not Torpedo 1 Torpedo 2 Torpedo 3 ... Torpedo 451 Torpedo 452, all server to client data ? Can someone code-wise corroborate that that's whats going on? Torpedo production We need torpedo production. The current mechanic for torpedos is clunky. You have to send a ship out for an hour minimum to get some torps, and its not enough, then do it again, and its not enough. There's a mod module for this that could easily be used and polished that also takes advantage of your other new modules for production. Using a mixture of available materials and credits would be good. Some players don't like torpedoes, and some of us love torpedoes. Players that don't like torpedoes don't like them because of the entire acquisition process along with how easily they're knocked out of the skies. Either add a way for us to make them on our ships, or dramatically increase the cost, damage, maneuverability, and durability of torpedoes to the point where if a player fires one, it's going to do severe damage to the ship it hits. Adjustable economy tick rate: When you're starting out and get your first mine, every sale matters. But eventually once you have a serious economy going, you wind up ticktickticking the server pretty hard. If its possible to do an average economical update every five minutes or ten minutes or even an hour, instead of every time a station sells something it might release some burden from the server side. Example: On Tree Cafe 1, GMF has an economy that ticks every second or two on average with something. You don't have a trillion credit economy from nothing afterall. Unfortunately, this does have an effect on the server, and when you have hundreds of players, well... Should be controllable by highest ranking alliance officers Expedition to the center! Please make this message auto-delete the prior "Expedition to the center" message in the inbox. Its an irritating thing to go in and clear out. Mass analysis and push Captains are dumb. They will stop if there's a single piece of debris in the way. Set a threshold for "ram it out of the way I have places to go" that is adjustable by the player per ship. If a player has a very large mining vessel, its very silly for it to get stuck because of a couple of rocks are sorta kinda in its way. This shouldn't be hard to do, as NPC pilots regularly run into player ships and get mad at them already. Obviously, "run into that factory sized asteroid at .07% cee" is not a desire, but "bump that asteroid out of the way while running 30m/s" is. If there is an adjustable per ship threshhold, it allows player control to counter for outside effects like whether or not collision damage is on. I was under the impression there would be stealth? where is this "stelth" ? Make trade modules stack to increase econ scan range. This would make manual trading far more viable. If I have a scan range of 100 I'm far more likely to actually piece together trade routes myself, manually--highly lucrative trade routes. Add hybrid legendary cargo modules Adds x%-40% extra cargo space +x-xyz extra cargo space Add fleet management to rifts. Add GUI to allow for a player to automatically add ships to the rift flotilla/fleet. Eventually players will have enough modules to add more ships to it, and manually maneuvering ships into the jump gate is cumbersome. You can use the mission gui to do this. Server Post Deployment Updates: Difficulty should scale per difficulty of the rift more dramatically. Right off the bat on an existing galaxy I'm able to roll in slap my .... railgun .... on the table, and just guard the shield carefully and beat an 11 difficulty swarm for loots. Cargo Holds need a "data" option, so that you can ignore all cargo but data. Any Xsotan ship destroyed in a rift below "cruiser" or "battleship" needs to just poof. POOF. The crazy amount of debris is just too much for a server to handle sensibly. Server hangs while in a rift result in your ship being "in a rift" still without being in a rift. You cannot build. For some it is impossible to escape. No avorion jump drive = ship stuck without administrator intervention. Inability to scrap a partially constructed fighters is an issue. Should be able to toss those. Tooltips need to specify in rifts whether or not fighters are affected by rift effects. Just lost 10mil avo worth of fighters, whereas in the previous rift.... they took no damage. Nothing specifies one or the other. Either fighters do work or they do not work. Fighter update. You absolute glorious son's of bitches. I'm not spoilering this. This is amazing. nevermind, its broken. cant get out once in sometimes. Mining/Salvage/Attack Secondary Commands Add options that are: Attack with fighters Attack without launching fighters Mine with fighters Mine without launching fighters Salvage with fighters Salvage without launching fighters Repair with fighters Repair without launching fighters Guard with fighters Guard without launching fighters When telling a ship with fighters and pilots to attack in a place like a nebula, you can lose your entire wing in seconds. Feel like this is a dramatic oversight. Addition of data in the encyclopedia once you have encountered something new. Items such as: What does fog damage What kills fighter craft in rifts What each effect does, in great detail to help players understand
  4. In the stream today, automatic research was shown. While that is a fantastic new addition, I feel like it could use some more love. I'd like to be able to do automatic research based on a few rules, like: Exclude X subsystem/turret type from research Research 3, 4 or 5 items at once for respective 60/80/100% improvement chances Only research up to a certain rarity/material type Do not research turrets with more DPS than X Research system/turret types together and only mix when less than the set amount of the same type is available All of these settings can be found in the following mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1731575231
  5. Currently all you can do in the fleet screen is recalling your ship from orders, show it on the galaxy map, take stuff and look at the captain's stats. It would be a lot more useful, if (with a button in most cases) you could: - See ships stats (or add some basics in a mouse over like for the caption: current hull and shield HP with %, current sector order - open the ship menu - enter to the ship - give sector orders - an icon for "under attack" - an icon for "docked to a station" - if docked, create menu for actions like hiring and trade - basically you don't have to jump inot a ship to so stuff. - a "take all" button Also it would be nice if there were custom group tabs, where you could put your ships in order e.g. what they are doing or what size they have. A tab for your battle ships, one for the minser,s one for the traders...
  6. What I'd have the devs consider maybe changing: - Increase the total amount of defenders to boarders for station control. I imagine around ~1.5x as many "units" would round things out. (This is to offset the cost reduction, but also encourage a big ship to be used for combat on the station.) - Increase how many boarders can be on a single combat shuttle. Reducing the need for many, many shuttles and large hangars. Not all large ships want big hangers and pilots as a requirement. - Limit range of boarding shuttles. (For ships to be captured, they need to be held close. This will also have the effect of increasing the desire for "tractor beams" to be in use... so you can get your shuttles to the enemy!) - Decrease the cost of a boarder crew member and the cost and time to train one. Boarder experience should add better chances to chance to inflict wounds and survive boarding action die rolls. (For example, a level 1 Boarder has 0% modifiers, while a Level 2 has 10%, and a level 3 has a 20%, decreasing the need to replacing lost boarders when you've so many veterans. Additionally, specific ship captains should add bonuses to these actions.) - When shields are down, boarding immediately becomes possible. Boarded vessels will not be impossible to operate but will have incurred deficiencies (debuff) in their ability to do so until they either defeat the boarders or have lost all crew, or one type of operation limits ability. (fe: losing all of one's gunners means that you cannot fire your weapons, or no engineers means that they've taken your engineering bay; unless you have Allrounder crewmen to pick up the slack.) - All types of defenders are liable to roll against fighting on the station/ship, to simulate natural combat situations. "Allrounder" crewman and "Pilots" having less chance to do so until the very end of defender count. - When a ship or station is captured, this does not damage a station or limit it to 1% of all its structural integrity! However, interior critical infrastructure needs time to be repaired on the station; to better reflect the difficulty of capturing the station instead of a cost to the player's wallets of resources or credits. Additionally, one may instead pay a smaller cost to the specific factory/station type to keep that station type. (fe: You don't get a defunct station after taking over a Mining Robot Factory. And have to dish out your own 90 million credits AFTER all the work of paying for clones/crew, training them, doing the lengthy fighting and repairing the station!!) Player Notes:
  7. Hey! My proposition is a one-key engagement of your Autopilot (a new feature in currently on the Beta branch). This is so that you can keep flying without switching to Strategy Mode (1), aligning your camera to your target (2+), clicking in the list of Ships to reselect your own Ship (3), and clicking your target or destination (4). Don't get me wrong: I love Strategy Mode. Especially with the QoL updates, it's been a joy to use. But the proposed system saves on clicks/actions dramatically! Instead of 4+ clicks/button presses, you would have one (1) single button press to engage the Autopilot. The most typical use-case for this would be Cruise Control. This means you engage the Autopilot, and it just keeps your current heading and speed. With additional thrust input, you could even get it to speed up and/or boost. But when you have a target selected, using this new hotkey would interact with it as appropriate for that object as if you just used Strategy Mode. For example, with a Station selected, it would perform an Autopilot fly-to and then start a Docking sequence. If it's an Asteroid, we will attempt Mining it. If it's a Wreck, we will begin to Salvage it. If it's a hostile Ship, we will engage it using the Autopilot's Attack Enemies Order. (Advanced features require a Captain as appropriate to the current functionality of the Autopilot.) Nearly all of this functionality already exists in-game through the Strategy Mode. For most of these features, it is simply a 'rebinding' of the behaviour from 'Strategy Mode -> navigate view -> select Ship -> right click' into 'middle-click to select -> hotkey'. The Cruise Control is new behaviour, but would appear easy in concept; maintain current speed and don't use Thrusters at all. The extra speed and boost controls are niceties to add on top but not crucial for the requested functionality. Thanks for reading! Shroob P.S. Thanks to Discord user Yukkahiro for the spark!
  8. Kind of similar to another suggestion, but rather than or in addition to including a new command to retrieve loot, how about including it in the current commands? Attack enemy / patrol could include logic so that once their target / all enemies are dead, they swoop back around and pick up any eligible loot prior to ending / returning to the command. Salvage could natively also include loot collection of eligible pieces. (As of current, it seems like a ship set to salvage will only collect loot that is dropped as a part of the salvaging process and will ignore anything that dropped as a part of the process that created the salvage in the first place.)
  9. Just a few off the top of my hat that I'd love to see: sort by range sort by tech level sort by size/number of slots sort by number of operators required sort by damage type sort by overheat/cooldown... and I'm certain there are others that would be useful to have.
  10. When you have many block types, the "Only show specific blocks" section for a particular block type becomes very tiresome / bothersome as the list is not alphabetical. It appears to be going newest block type added to oldest rather than alphabetical. A nice QoL change would be to make this list alphabetical.
  11. A group upload system that lets you select a number of blueprints at once, and upload them as a group to a collection. The Posts would be unlisted by default but the collection itself could be toggled between Public, Friends, Unlisted and Private. This would allow collections of many individual small parts to be uploaded without making a mess of "Newest".
  12. Adding distance will cut the time needed to check which station is the closest in the sector. E.g. when there are multiple shipyards and you want to get to the one nearest. Pictures are attached for mockups. MORE PICS: 1. Not right-aligned version 2. Button to toggle "Sort by distance"
  13. I've created a mod to display the real time but it will be cool to include this directly in the core game. The idea is to avoid using a mod especially for this because mods disable achievements. And if you consider adding such option, please also consider as an option to display time in 12 (with AM/PM) or 24h format. Please excuse my english...
  14. Reconstructing a ship can remember what you had for turrets, where, what the turret design was, etc. But it doesn't remember weapon group assignments. Please also include this. (Edit: Sorry, I may have been mistaken about reconstruction fully remembering turrets. I just reconstructed one that had an empty turret base with no design applied to it that I could've sworn had something on prior to its fight, so I think it got blasted off during the fight. If this is the case, that even reconstruction doesn't remember these, it'd be nice if it did.) Repairing a ship (at least through the ship builder) does not remember what you had for turrets, where, what the turret design was, or weapon groups. Please include these. Thanks. 🙂
  15. Include the turret base block that turrets are sitting on in weapon group assignments. This way we can swap out the turrets that are on them without having to redo the weapon group assignments. Thank you. 🙂
  16. Specifically I am referring to "Guidebook For Captains" and its associated questline. Many times I'll start off a new game to goof off or just to fly around for a while and "The Adventurer" shows up and will not take no for an answer. I have even rejected his hails. I just got done building a station builder and scrapping a space station just so "The Adventurer" would leave me alone. When I already know how the mechanics work and have other things I want to do it is irritating when "The Adventurer" shows up not helpful. So I just want to be able to Abandon the Tutorial Missions where as at the moment they are mandatory. Thanks,
  17. Very simply, would like the ability to make changes to a galaxy's server.ini settings from within the game's main menu vs needing to locate and edit the file directly. Would also like the ability to set defaults for the server.ini file that new games use. Defaults should probably be separated into multi vs single player.
  18. When making a blueprint at a turret factory all turrets are displayed. Even if they are tech 51 or 52 [edit:]low enough tech-level to not be able to be reproduced by the turret factory you are currently visiting and therefore are not relevant. My suggestion is that they should not be displayed to keep it nice and tidy.
  19. Hi ! "Transform all selected Blocks" (TASB) and "Only show specifig blocks" (OSSB) together are incredible powerfull and usefull building functions. Change our ships fitting is much easier now, we haven't to be "digging" in our ships removing and placing blocks only to change their block type. BUT there is a little problem: Gyro Arrays, Hangar, Directional Thrusters... Orientation dependent blocks (ODBs) can't be transformed easily. For those, we still need the traditional: 1) "Dig" in the ship to reach the block to be replaced. 2) Replace the block with the same dimensions but rotated in the desired position in order to perform its new functionality. The tediousness of this step is the biggest problem right now. Even change a superficial ODB is a little pain, and even more if the dimensions are a bit odd, like x=2.53 y=5.67 z=3.84. 3) "Bury" the transformed block again. So I propose a new building function: "Change block orientation" (CBO): It would allow to change the orientation of already placed blocks. In technical words, it would change the "look" and "up" attributes (xml ship desing) of the block without changing its dimensions. This way, we would be able to transform ODBs with the function OSSB in the same way we use it now with TASB. It would be a blessing. And it seems easy to implement. A function to CBO in hand (CBOIH) would be nice too. It seems even easier to implement, but this way we still would be unable to transform blocks inside the ship. And if CBO is implemented, we can just place blocks and orientate them later. Thanks for reading !
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