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Patch 2.2 and Rift DLC - Playthrough notes up to the barrier (Spoilers)


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Started a patch 2.2 game after buying into the rift. Here are my thoughts and observations on Avorion 2.2 and Into the Rift DLC (spoilers). I have progressed the current game up to the barrier (Tech 37 turret factory)

I like the into the rift DLC as it allows me some different missions and rewards. Here are some observations and suggestions about the DLC

  • (Spoiler) I have tried several missions and they each worked. My favorite is the get the core from an enemy ship. Although running rescue missions until you get a Hunter/Scientist Rank 3 captain is a good idea.
  • The new combo subsystems are good/great rewards. 
    • (Spoiler) The one subsystem I (type) I would change would be the ones that give long range hyper jump range with the long cooldown. I won't put long cooldown hyperspace jumps on main line ships as that slows their travel times down compared to using the SXTN-K VIII subsystem plus one or two more +jump with hyperspace cooldown reduction.
    • The only use I find for the long range with increased cooldown is for station ships that I jump once and then build a station. And the existing R-8 to R-14 handle that better than the new combo ones.
  • I would increase lighting in the Rift. I understand thematically keeping it dark but I think you lose visual interest there with it as  dark as it is.
    • The beacon path lights should be brighter.
  • I can't find a use for the one use beacons you get/buy. They are hard to see, don't show up on map as a highlighted square.
    • I would make them an object you can select from the strategic map.
  • The first NPC hunter you get auto talks to you which would be fine if you could do the mission he has with any ship. Instead you need a 22 kt ship (which is really small) and blocks the current Rift mission you had selected from the mission board.
    • To fix
      • Allow any size ship or only have him auto talk if your ship can go on the mission with him.
      • Increase the tonnage of that mission to make it easier to make the mission valid

Notes on the 2.2 patch

  • Changes to the Object Detector are good as it makes the ones below Red usable.
  • Turret changes are drastic, in my opinion too drastic as it impacts game play in a major way once you reach the barrier. Note I re-rolled my tech 37 turret factory over 40 times.
    • Tesla turrets are reduced in damage at Tech 37. The best electric is 1k DPS/Slot and the best plasma is 1.2k DPS/Slot. The reduction in damage to the electric ones is not worth the 2x damage to engines/energy centers. Update Tech 37 Tesla were over 2k DPS/Slot. The plasma version is usable as a fighter weapon otherwise I don't use this weapon system any longer
    • Launchers seem fairly unchanged (vs Update 2.0). My best two are a 876 DPS/Slot range 36 and an Anti-matter at 755 DPS/Slot range 30. This is one of the main turrets I use in this game now. Note that the launcher projectiles take a while to hit a target which is not always ideal. Always make your launchers with Seeker attribute
    • Railguns have reduced damage since update 2.0. The best I rolled up was 471 DPS/Slot. I ran tests to see what the damage was against shields (50%) and against layered blocks (about 250%). Almost a viable weapon but outclassed at long range by launchers, lasers at medium range and at short range by Bolters and chain guns. Damage is much less than update 2.0 where at tech 37 they could get to 1k DPS/Slot
    • Lightning Cannons - These have been crippled in Update 2.2. With a short battery life (12-26 seconds) and reduced damage they can't compete with launchers, railguns, chainguns, bolters or lasers. The best I rolled up were 500 DPS/Slot electric and 700 DPS/Slot for plasma. In update 2.0 these could do 1.2k DPS/Slot and were a weapon system I used all of the time.
    • Pulse cannons - didn't roll up any that were better than other weapons. No change from update 2.0 as I didn't use this weapon system there either
    • Plasma Cannons - Not enough damage with projectiles with short battery life makes these a weapon system I never use in update 2.0 or 2.2
    • Chainguns - This are doing well in update 2.2. At tech 37 I rolled up ones with 1.2k DPS/Slot with a range of 10. Better than Update 2.0 versions (range and DPS/Slot). The best source of continuous damage (vs shields) in update 2.2 at tech 37. Can be made into a fighter weapon if you want kinetic damage.
    • Cannons - At tech 37 they have about the same DPS/Slot with a longer range than Update 2.0. My best roll is 549 DPS/Slot with arange of 27 and a fire rate of 0.5.  This is a weapon I make automatic fire mode on and let it pick off targets at long range while I focus on other targets. The 549 DPS/S is increased if it hits unshielded targets up to around 0% to 100% more damage depending target block configuration.
    • Bolters - A solid weapon in update 2.2. Damage is not as high as update 2.0 but for update 2.2 it comes in at a solid 639 DPS/Slot with a range of 12. Note that against hull this weapon has a 212% damage increase. A good turret as a finisher on unshielded ships.
    • Lasers - At tech 37 almost the same as Update 2.0. Best ones in this game are 879 DPS/Slot with a range of 17, 45 second battery (26 recharge time) and a 704 DPS/S plasma version range 14 with 42 second battery (26 recharge). A solid weapon system at tech 37 if you want fast accurate fire past 10 km
  • Turret Factory - changes
    • I like the chance at red turrets now.
    • Lower quality turrets no longer seem viable. When doing this write-up I realized that not a single blueprint I made at tech 37 was less than gold quality. In update 2.0 I had great white blueprints (only a small decrease in stats than the best gold turrets but much less material use) but this is no longer the case in Update 2.2.
    • I love the re-roll turret factory seed. One of the best new features for update 2.2
  • New legendary turrets
    • I like many of the new legendary turrets in this release. 
      • Some of these are good enough to still be used with turret factory Tech 37 turrets. This is change from update 2.0 where all legendary weapons were made obsolete due to turret factories.
    • I expect these will be all replaced with factory turrets at Tech 50 as there are not good sources of Tech 50 legendary turret drops (maybe this is changed in update 2.2 but I don't see where so far).



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