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Much needed station improvements


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As it stands player owned stations are an awesome but very half baked feature. On one hand starting factories and setting up supply chains is so awesome, on the other hand, you make a trading post and then go "wait... that's it?" 

I think the devs should really consider a big update for stations fully fleshing out their functionality to make the late game a lot more fun. The way I see it this is what each station needs.

Trading Post
This one was the most disappointing for me. I as well as any other new player thought you could put one up and use it as a sort of warehouse to funnel all your processed goods and sell them at. And you cant. Which sucks. It's just the same as the NPC one and you get a 20% cut. Boring.

Suggestion: Make it so Trading Post can act as warehouses and you can run supply commands to stock trading post yourself.

this one has the most potential that would make builders enjoy multiplayer and actual gameplay way more! As it stands shipyards just allow you to build ai generated ship designs. Okay? it at least has features but there's not much reason to own your own besides RP.

Suggestion: Shipyards should act as a place for you to sell other players your own ship designs! You could select 1-5 designs maybe more to sell, so players could purchase your ships. As a very building heavy player i would LOVE to take commissions from people on my server and sell them via my shipyard.

Military Outpost
This is another cosmetic only station and I feel in a game as immersive and expansive as this there is no place for "cosmetic only". Theres a lot you could do with this.

Suggestion: A Military outpost could reduce the amount of pirate attacks in a sector radius, could expand your  owned territory, etc. I haven't put a lot of thought into this but there is plenty that could be done with it.

Habitats and other cosmetic only stations
As mentioned before this game is amazing, it feels so immersive and alive, so having space colonies be "cosmetic only" makes so little sense. Make habitats have a population mechanic, they have a max population depending on size, the population declines without a supply of food water and consumer goods, you would get a % tax of the total population. You could lower the tax rate to bring in more inhabitants or raise it at the risk of the population leaving or even the colony and all ships in sector going rogue.

I'm hoping the devs will see this and consider it, because player owned stations are really something that sticks out as unfinished and unpolished, like a crack in a diamond, I find it hard to believe they are finished working on stations and hope at least some of my suggestions will be implemented.

at the end of the day thanks for an awesome game! and thanks for taking the time to read this.
P.S. If you come at my post with the attitude of "my game is perfect and how dare you suggest changes" and nitpick this post for dumb reasons like "You can already sell ships. Just take payment and post your build on the workshop" don't waste your time, I'm not even going to respond to it. Fanboys not welcome.


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