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Multiplayer ship name field does not set a (sane) max length


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I have discovered that I can make an alliance ship (Have not had a chance to confirm with personal ships) that there is no apparent max length to ship names.

At least, nothing sane.


As in, I pasted in a very long amount of text, fully expecting the game server to stop me from doing so, and it didn't, resulting in the alliance menu being open in both beta and non-beta clients causing lockups.


How long you may ask?

The game let me set the entire Bee Movie script as a ship name.

After doing so, the game struggled to run, some users who had the alliance window open had the game stop responding, I had the game go to about 1 frame every 30 seconds, and it crashed out  after displaying the rename dialog again (As I had clicked the edit icon to try and undo my mistake)

Edit: I got back in, and here's a screen capture of the ship name


Screenshot of the Strategy mode hoverover: image.thumb.png.cceb39540a1b524bd2cf8eff6ad287da.png


Edit again: I have been able to fix it by setting the game to Realtime Priority via windows task manager, and that allowed it to chug enough to let me delete the ship after getting some pirates to destroy it.

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Adding screenshot of bug
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