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Need a menu to distribute loot with more granularity.


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In other games you can choose how to distribute loot. I'd like this feature to be added, as an offline player set their ship to patrol and now I have to wait 2 minutes to scoop up the loot. I detest waiting 2 minutes for an offline player to collect loot from a pirate in my home sector. The same issue arises when a non-alliance ship (Or vice versa) does damage and blocks us from getting the loot. We have to wait 2 minutes tor the timer to expire and it delays the game. Please give us the option to say, "free loot" for anyone within range. Or to say only give it to these ships, people, alliance, etc.

I'm trying to point out that a loot system where we can choose what happens with the drops and how it's distributed isn't a thing; and in a great game like this, it should be.

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