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Color Coding Note Icons


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Was always wondering when it was going to happen. Guess I over thought it.

would using colored icons in the notes section of the MAP, be useful?

(as in standard Ore colors and possibly more icons, definitely more icons)

again, in the “add note” option when viewing galaxy map.

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I'd love to see a big map overhaul in vanilla, with all kinds of improvements. The map really could use some love (one-click 'add note' when?), and my RSI some respite...

Until such time that happens, as a workaround there's a mod called "Galaxy Map QoL" by Rinart73 that has colours and a handful of new icons. Still not perfect – the colour palette is limited, there are a couple duplicate icons with vanilla, and the scope of icons is still lacking – but it's a massive improvement already. I wish Boxelware could integrate and expand upon this, or at least take inspiration from it.

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