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Docking. More Docking. Docking. Please fix docking.



I figure the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Granted, I'm probably one of the few psychotic enough to endure the current state of docking to build super structures.

Docking problems: 

1) The game hates collisions and docking.

2) The game has a hard time understanding docking.


Docking suggestions:

  1. Make docking blocks color coded.
    1. Red docking blocks on structure 1 tractors Red docking blocks on structure 2.
  2. Make different docking block types.
    1. Station to station - Particularly useful when building large structures or large manufacturing facilities. Red to Red Blue to Blue. No more tractor to center of mass
    2. Ship-A - Not color coded or anything-simply exactly the docks we already have
    3. Ship-B - Color coded for multiple objects docked - work exactly like the station docks. Would allow a mothership to have multiple ships dock to specific points, and as an add-on, shipB docks show up as items on the fighter string on the left side of the gui, so the ship when told to dock, will dock to shipB dock of its color.
    4. Commerce - Docks specifically intended for commerce, works exactly as the current docks work on stations.
  3. Station Docking Thrusters
    1. Give thrusters to station to improve docking - works when the station is being told to dock to another station or a ship
    2. Station Keeping Thrusters - Allow a central structure thrusters that allow re-alignment at 1 to 5 degree/sec
  4. Stop the light speed anti-dock bug. Please. A structure moving at <1m/s should not be able to spontaneously launch itself to .5cee.


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I've got the rift expansion, and for the life of me, it is insane trying to dock to objects, no matter how big you make the docking platform.  It's just ridiculous sitting there gyrating my ship all over the place, trying to get the stinking things like escape pods to actually dock.  It just sits there, and constantly just keeps bouncing off the docking platform that I've got.  No matter how many I add trying to get it to dock, it gets pulled in nicely, yet, it won't dock!

So YES!  PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF US,                 FIX             DOCKING!

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Bumping the topic with an additional suggestion:

Change docking blocks in an additional way:
Allow a dock to have a thinner, tighter docking beam and area:

In other words, that big white box?
Let us make it smaller.
However, the thinner the big white box, the less mass may be docked to it.

This would allow more modular designs and tighter variance on ship scaling. 


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