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Add a filter to ignore Git files on mod upload



I like to keep all my projects saved on cloud. in this instance, i use Github.

I noticed that when i initialize the directory for git control, all those git meta file are added to the list of files for the mod to be uploaded.
This suggestion is not required but would make things easier, because right now i have to keep the development in a separated folder because of Git. When i need to test the mod, i have to copy everything to the avorion's appdata mod folder.


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On windows 10/11 you can do the following:

given the following directories

WorkDir = %AppData%\Avorion\mods\YourMod

GitDir = ..\Documents\GitHub\Avorion\YourModRepo

  1. open cmd (as administrator on Windows 10)
  2. navigate to GitDir
  3. type mklink /J FolderNameInRepo WorkDir

Note: I recommend to use the same folder name in your repo as your mod, so FolderNameInRepo = YourMod

now move all your non-mod files into YourModRepo and you are done.

after mklink your repository should look like this:

  • .\
    • Documents\
      • GitHub\
        • Avorion\
          • YourModRepo\
            • .git\
            • FolderNameInRepo\
            • ReadMe.md
            • .gitignore
            • .gitattributes
            • other files and/or folders
            • ...

and WorkDir would remain untouched. Now git should find the files pointed to by the junction FolderNameInRepo, i.e. the files in WorkDir.

If you ever clone your repo, it won't create a junction and you will have to move FolderNameInRepo to %AppData%\Avorion\mods and then create the junction again. If you named FolderNameInRepo differently, you'll have to rename it to YourMod again.

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