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Into The Rift DLC - QOL Fix


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Please for the love of god, make the Rift Generator deployable more mass-dense. Make it very hard to move. It's a coin-flip when I'm doing the Into the Swarm mission whether or not the generator is going to get targeted or just accidentally rammed by Xsotan and just shot off into space, stranding my fleet in the Rift mission with no recourse other than dying.

Either that or PUT A BEACON ON IT so it can be found at a distance! It's insane to me that an object you need to be extremely close to for it to function has no built-in way of finding it in the chaos that is that mission. There's 20-40 ships flying around at all times and there's almost zero consideration for the amount of visual clutter that entails. Applied Xenology probes don't get moved by munitions, why does the Rift Generator?


Other notes when trying to dev menu my ships out of this mess:

  1. Spawning a second generator, deploying it, and taking the wormhole from the dev menu doesn't exit the mission. It just puts you into a new empty Rift sector, which makes it completely useless.
  2. Ripcord item doesn't work at all when spawned using the dev menu.
  3. Destroying a ship via the dev menu in this empty Rift space removes it from your ships tab, so it can't be towed at a repair dock. Your ships are completely gone if they end up here, including all equipment and turrets. I literally just bricked a 300 hour game because of this unless I want to completely dev mode it back by just giving myself the equipment/resources/turrets back, which really removes all of the fun/achievement it took for me to get them.

I really enjoy this game, but I periodically quit for long periods of time when I run into things like this. The game is fun except for absolutely terrible, frustrating instances like this that are mostly due to just a simple lack of refinement of game mechanics.

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