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Turret Additions / Coax / Rapid Fire Cannons or Large Chain



Presently, turrets are sized 1-6. 

Coaxial turrets only appear once you hit xanion space (rarely).

In dev mode, you can create size 1 coaxial chaingun turrets.

This should be base game. The AI is smart enough to use coaxial turrets, so these would be of great benefit to your extra captains with your extra ships.

Slap even a single coaxial turret on a ship and it suddenly knows which end is the pointy end, since the behavior seems to prioritize facing the side to them enemy with the most turrets, coaxial amount seems to circumvent that. A ship knowing which way is the pointy end will act more proper in combat in general, by not doing stupid things like "I'm going to point my butt at the enemy because reasons."

No. Point the front of your ship---the most armored part of your ship---at the enemy. Doy.



There's a few changes I'd like to propose for turrets in general.

Chain guns are sized 1-3. This should be increased, but with alterations.
Size 4-5-6 chain guns would have significantly lower speed than their smaller companions. A firing rate of max 2-3 versus their smaller faster counterparts.

Faster than cannons, but never overheating, with lower dps. Size 4-6 chain gun would basically be a rapid fire cannon, but non-explosive, never dealing with cooldown.

I think this would be a nice addition.

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