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Turrets not doing damage properly (Big ship)


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Turrets not doing damage properly (Big ship)
This also happened pre 2.0.

So the first problem is that EVERYTHING worked fine until I made a bigger ship.

The actual problems I have are:
-Bigger cannons not doing damage AT ALL. They shoot, i see the projectile, they hit the ship, the projectile explodes, the enemy ship rotates from recoil, but it still remains at 100% HP and Shield.
-Some bigger railguns and modded weapons will "shoot", but not actually shoot. They will heat up, and i can see that they're heating up, but they're not actually shooting.
-Other times, the bigger railguns will work without issue, it seems random, i don't know.
-Most of the smaller railguns (vanilla and modded) will shoot a lot, i have like 15 of them, and only 2 of them are registered, even though all of them are actually shooting.

And some of the weapons are working without issue.

And just to clarify again, the weapons worked perfectly until i made a bigger ship. I even tested this by placing the same weapons on a 2x1 block ship, and they work fine, however placing the same weapons on a bigger ship makes the weapons not work again.

What i did:
-Had a relatively small ship, with big weapons on it, worked fine.
-Made a big ship, particularly this one:
and basically doubled it's size.
-Placed the same weapons again, some of them work, most of them don't.
-Restarting the game, re-placing the weapons or changing weapon location/skins on the ship doesn't fix the issue.
-Placing the weapons on a smaller ship fixes the issue, they work on a smaller ship and not on a bigger ship.

Reminder that all of the weapons worked without issue until i made a bigger ship.
It doesn't have anything to do with mods, it happens with vanilla weapons as well.

Some of my thoughts on why this happens:
Either the damage is too high for some weapons, or the weapons do a lot of continuous damage for CPU not to be able to calculate fast enough so it fails to do so at all? This would explain why it happened when i made a bigger ship, and inside the inner sectors where usually a lot more detailed and bigger ships reside.
De-sync issue could be to blame, although i'm playing on singleplayer, and it's kinda unusual to have de-sync issues on singleplayer, but oh well.
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  • xSoNz changed the title to Turrets not doing damage properly (Big ship)

Just a quick update:
I found a new ship, and made it exactly the same as the one the weapons bugged out on, transfered everything with cheats (since it was a normal playthrough), and they seem to work.
Just replying here for the devs if they take a look at this "bug" or if anyone else has the same problem.

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