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Function block Ideas. Game mechanics Ideas.



Hello, I have been playing Avorion for a few years and have a few ideas for blocks with a functional element.

Sensor Block.

This block would be available in all shapes and perform 2 functions 1. it would increase scan range, and also increase deep scan range, but would not effect item/stash detection.

2. In a similar fashion to a docking block or a Structural integrity field block it would project an aura inside which things can be scanned or interacted with, depending on size and orientation it would form an area that the scan/communicate-able object would have to be inside of.


Deflector Block.

Also a directional aura projecting block, these blocks would project a field that would push collidable objects (wrecks, smaller asteroids) away, block size would effect strength and aura size.


Fuel Function.

As it stands movement is dependent on energy output alone and thus generators I would propose that Fuel be added as a game mechanic and that a new type of thruster be added.

1. Generators be supplemented by fuel consumption to power output, this power can be used for energy based propulsion. Additionally Raw fuel thrusters would be also added. these thrusters would consume raw fuel for their form of propulsion.

1a. Perhaps multiple forms of generators a "liquid" fuel generator, and then a Fission reactor. 

2.This would necessitate and additional form of cargo management and another ship type to maintain, fleet "oilers". players would have to maintain their fuel and resupply from their Oilers, and have oilers accompany their ships. This would also give use for the production blocks earlier in the game as even a refinery mechanic could be used. 

3. an emergency power mechanic could be used to allow players to still limp to fueling station to prevent being totally dead in space. (IE restricting max speed restricting jump range, increasing hyperspace cool down)

4.Upgrade chips can be implemented to increase fuel efficiency and likewise Engineering crew that gains experience can also effect fuel consumption rate.

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