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Beta Branch Patch 2.4.1 now live! - Patch Notes


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  • Boxelware Team

Behemoth Events

  • Increased number of bonus turret slots for Behemoth Combat/Civil Turret Control Systems
  • Adjusted slightly misleading Behemoth Carrier Systems description

Remote Ship Management

  • Remote managing the selected ship now requires the player to hold "I"
    • Briefly pressing "I" while having another ship selected now just opens your current ship's management window again
  • Added visual clues to the remote manage window to make it more clear it is not your current ship's window

Fleet Tab

  • Improved compact view to take currently selected ship or station into account
  • Ships that have yield ready to claim will now display an icon in compact view


  • Updated Credits


  • Fixed a crash on Linux related to recent Steam client updates affecting singleplayer and hosting multiplayer games
  • Fixed a crash when opening system tab in ship window while having a subsystem installed in a locked slot
  • Fixed an issue where escorting ships prioritized gates over jumps even when target sector was in jump range
    • They will still attempt to use gates if their hyperspace engine is on cooldown
  • Fixed an issue where escorting ships did not immediately jump with the leader when possible
  • Fixed an issue that caused error messages "You can't modify the component ControlUnit"
  • Fixed an issue where player owned resource depots gave incorrect amounts of resources and money
  • Fixed an issue where the filter for stolen goods overruled other cargo bay filter settings
  • Fixed an issue where toggling compact view off and on resulted in the wrong row being expanded
  • Fixed an issue where a Long-Distance-Trader subsystem's tooltip claimed to provide software for Transporter Blocks even when it didn't
  • [edit 2023-12-07] Fixed an issue where duplicate mails were sent during the expedition to the center mission
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