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Clarification on "Attracts NPC Traders"


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Afternoon! I've been doing a bit of code diving into the lua files but seemingly I couldn't really find out what this seems to mean for stations or how do they affect a given system.


It seems to be a common question in the discord that goes mostly unanswered as no one knows a crystal clear answer to it, but there are several stations that have a tooltip mentioning they "Attract NPC Traders" BUT I am not sure if this means that it will attract traders to that specific station for the trades that it allows OR if it will actually affect the entire system, increasing the amount of NPC traders that will show up at other stations in that system to sell/buy goods. 

Given the lua code, the latter does not seem to be a thing at all given how npc traders seem to be on a fixed semi-random cooldown before they show up that does not seem to be affected by the SupplyDemand variable or anything like that.




Are trading outposts, military outposts and other stations with that tooltip able to affect other stations or... Was that just an ambiguity with the tooltip?


Best regards! 

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