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How to use Docked ship's turrets?


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So I've looked around for an answer or a video or something, and genuinely can't find one. I've docked a ship to a 'mother ship' and it has three turrets. The mother ship has +4 capacity for all turrets, both the mother ship and docked ship have crew assigned to everything, I even added turret cap to the docked ship. The mother ship can not control or fire the turrets; I have to enter the docked ship, it will fire the turrets, but they are fixed in place and will not move.


How do you use turrets on a docked ship, while in the mother ship? And just for anyone who comes to this, or if I come back a year later or something, can we get a step by step checklist? Or video/pictures, because this is really disheartening man. 

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