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Networking module to share subsystem intelligence between ships and stations



I like to have dedicated electronic warfare ships in my squadron, but if I want to take advantage of it, I need to use it as my active ship, which is a shame. The Networking module helps your ships and stations become more effective by communicating with one another, so that an EW ship you have with you contributes without you needing to switch to it..

Ships and stations the player controls that have a Networking subsystem are able to take advantage of the intelligence gathered by other ships and stations with a Networking subsystem plus other subsystems.

Within the same sector:
Networked Object Finder subsystems can be used to scan for valuable objects, with each Object Finder's radius centred on its originating ship
Networked Injector subsystems highlight hackable objects and can use the player's controlled ship as a proxy to hack objects near the player but not the originating ship
Networked Chameleon subsystems highlight cargo scanners near the originating ship
Networked Scanner subsystems show more information on objects near the originating ship

On the galactic map:
Networked Trading subsystems grant access to price maps, with every networked ship and station showing the price of the selected good in their area at the same time
Networked Radar and Deep Scan Radar subsystems share information on sectors of interest, with their radius centred on the originating ship or station


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