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Persecutors are weird


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Let me just start by saying I'm really enjoying the Persecutors and feel they add some challenge to the game that was needed, overall. Their just are some strange kinks that need to be worked out, maybe.


I notice persecutors WILL attack a ship that is not in your sector, which I did not expect. Really made me go and set up escorts for my miners and salvers, which is cool. But when I show up, I tend to find my targeted ship at a very very low percentage of hp, but subsequent hits from torpedoes seem to do almost nothing. Is this intended to give the player a window to save the ship, or is it a bug?


Secondly, I had a funny accident: I left a fighter behind when I jumped a bit prematurely in a friendly sector (it was a salv beam fighter). While setting up my next jump, I get the message that I have a ship under attack in the previous sector, not yet aware I left a fighter behind. I go back, the persecutors are attacking that sole fighter XD


Even better, their torpedoes did nothing to the fighters, but still were damaging me as the fighters were trying to climb into my hangar; since the torpedoes weren't targeting me, my PDCs didn't target them  nor did I get any warning. It wasn't a lot of damage as they weren't direct hits on me, but it still seems odd. Maybe defensive mode turrets should target any missile that's flying towards a friendly target, rather than just you?


But yea, overall it's great fun, even if these little weird things happen :p


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You can avoid persecutors spawning on your mining ships by making sure those ships have enough HP to not trigger persecutor spawns.


Yea but It seems not worth it, the amount of material it costs to make it count as "strong" without any weapons on it is probably better spent on an escort ship which with guns (and I have plenty to go around) for a fraction of the cost.

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Maybe you could give it some burst fire weapons on a turret rotation lock with a block in front of it? This way it should be counted as adding strength to the ship, but it will never fire because it cant shoot without hitting itself. You wouldnt even need to bother for gunners. If you have no gunners, you could always just put them anywhere. If you have autoassign, you might need to be a bit more carefull to make sure no gunners get assigned when you enter the craft, leave it and give it orders

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