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Avorion's Easter Eggs


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Feel free to.  Someone will eventually.  Personally, I haven't found any and didn't know there were any.  I'd be interested in knowing about them. :)


Neither did I know that some existed. Basically, I saw the wreckage of the Cinatit (Titanic) and the Avorion logo in ship-form. I’ll see if I can upload a picture of the latter later. Latter later, haha.


I found the wreckage of the Titanic with love letters and all by a beacon. And I saw the Avorion logo displayed as though it was any ship in the menu. The details I noticed made me realize that it’s 100% mobile. I’d like to see the devs fly it.

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The Cinatit (Titanic) and the logo ship. There's more to both, but I'll leave the rest for you to find some day.






I just want to say that I found scrap Naonite in my starting sectors from an unfortunately raided merchant. I can make a shield generator in the iron sectors! lol

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