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Fighter Speed

Guest Avoria


Guest Avoria

Currently, the highest speed a fighter can move is around 700m/s (This means a legendary xanion fighter with max points put into speed). All of us know that nearly every ship, pirate, player, or faction is capable of moving far above this speed, and on higher difficulties, is bound to happen as enemies take advantage of long range weaponry. This creates awkward scenarios where light, tiny craft built on agility and speed are incapable catching up to the dreadnought 8,000x bigger than them, or even to the carrier that launched them if that carrier decides to move. It also encourages me to launch fighters at close range cause I know they'll never catch up to do anything if they have to crawl 20km to their target. This makes fighters look like some kind of close-up brawling tool, which just feels backwards (unless that's what you guys intended). I don't think fighter base speed should be increased, in fact, I think 700m/s appears pretty fast in battles where ships are close and not moving much. It also makes fighters struggle DPS-wise because they approach their targets too quickly before having to turn around. I want fighters to have the ability to activate a boost or microwarp drive to drastically increase their speed if their target is unreasonably too far for the fighter's current speed. This boost would increase their velocity by 3x, and would quickly decay as soon as the fighter is just a little bit outside weapon's range.

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adding a system to the game called a subspace fighter tether, which keeps them within a set range of the mother-ship could fix this.

unfortunatly for the imaginings of star fighters, all they would have is initial acceleration up until the diminishing returns of their engines.

a capital ship will simply run them down due to its reactors being able to put out vastly more power. be that for pumping out reaction mass like a rocket, or bending space alkubier style a bigger ship will just win the top speed race.

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i found a avorion canon fighter tech 48 at a equipment dock

whit speed 8619

but it is to fast its having problem docking and shooting

it's just flying around like a angry buzzing bee

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On 6/28/2020 at 6:59 PM, Frolonov2 said:

Setting a reasonable docking speed base on turn radius is also necessary so that fighters won't miss the entrance of hangar all the time.

I think the best fix would be to make docking speed dependent on a fighter's maneuverability, rather than making it a set percentage of its max speed, like it seems to currently be.

To pull some numbers out of thin air as an example:

Current behavior:
Assume two fighters have maneuverability of 10 and docking speed is 20% of max speed:
Fighter speed = 500 m/s, docking speed = 100 m/s, easily returns to hanger
Fighter speed = 5000 m/s, docking speed = 1000 m/s, cannot easily return to hanger

Proposed behavior:
Assume two fighters have the same max speed of 5000 m/s and docking speed is 50x maneuverability value:
Fighter maneuverability = 2, docking speed = 100 m/s, easily returns to hanger
Fighter maneuverability = 10, docking speed = 500 m/s, still easily to return to hanger.

Obviously the exact values would need tweaking, but I think this would work a lot better. It would also mean that when creating a fighter, if you sacrifice maneuverability to put points in other places, then you have a much more obvious penalty of needing to wait much longer for your fighters to dock.

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