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Beta 2.0.2 Internal block breakage (and Shield Verse Hull tanking)


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Ships taking damage are losing weak internal blocks (hull integrity blocks, solar panel blocks) when those blocks are completely enclosed by an outer armored plate system. These blocks are being lost when none of the outer armor blocks are broken. The enemy weapons are not railguns or cannons. This is easy to reproduce by fighting the AI boss ship for example. Larger less fragile blocks are not having this issue. Note all tests are using 'any damage can break a block setting.


  • Is this a bug or intentional?
  • If it is intentional I think the game would be better without this damage leakage.
    • This makes hull tanking weaker if it is intentional and Hull tanking is already weak.
  • Hull tanking is already weak due to no armor being available at the Xanion and Avorion mineral tiers.  
    • At the Avorion level this is especially pronounced as it is easy to get ships with shields in the 10 million range which is completely impossible on a ship even with thick Oganite armor.
    • Shields heal much faster than hull (although hull heals in combat it's still not as good as just pulling out of combat for a while to heal your shields)
  • There aren't any subsystems to boost ship hit points.



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