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Update 2.0 is finally out!


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  • Boxelware Team

We’re incredibly happy to announce that Avorion is now finally ready to have another version increase! With update 2.0 we bring you a ton of Quality of Life improvements. We have streamlined several features and massively improved the UI! We’re absolutely thrilled about this update and hope that you are, too!

Thank you for buying Avorion, supporting us and for helping us make this game better and better!


Check out the trailer here: Youtube


New Progression

With this update we’re introducing a new experience that makes the game a ton more fun. The new progression keeps players on their toes, challenging them in a new way and encouraging them to try new things.

Instead of being able to build everything right from the get go, the new system requires you to build with the materials at hand and limits the processing power and size a ship can have. To unlock the next material you have to acquire the building knowledge for it. This can be done by either fighting a boss or a difficult pirate encounter, or, if you’re not the fighting type, it can be bought at Shipyards.

With this you can experience the game in a new way! Explore regions and their materials and learn how to use their advantages to build the perfect ship to overcome the next challenges.


And if we weren’t able to convince you - you can simply go back to the old system and play the game in the new Classic mode, too!



Captains, Commands and Crew Improvements

Our old captains got some love with this update. They now have personalities, perks and quirks and are much more autonomous. Instead of having to click a ton to set up a good mining route, you can now simply make a contract with your captain. You tell them where to go and which ships to take as an escort, and they will handle everything around it. From finding the sectors with asteroids to refining the collected ores, and regularly sending you their yields, everything will be taken care of.

Of course, we’ve done that not only for mining. The new commands include everything necessary to live a comfortable life in the galaxy, such as trading, scouting and even traveling long distances! 


With the introduction of the captains we’ve also reworked how the crew in general works. In short - you now need less crew, but can over-assign posts to achieve up to 200 % efficiency! And you no longer need to hire higher ranked crew members, as your crew automatically promotes crew members as soon as higher officers are needed. This should make finding enough crew for your awesome battleship much easier!


Player Profile

To keep better track of what you’ve achieved on your playthrough, we added a new Player Profile section. In this section you get an overview of all the things you can do in Avorion. We hope that you’ll have just as much fun unlocking the milestones as we do!



We’ve rebalanced fighters and among several changes to their stats we’ve also improved their overall gameplay feel. With improvements to their AI, pilots now staying on the ship and not getting lost if the fighter is destroyed and fighter production having been reworked (both in cost and time), the carrier playstyle will feel much more viable now.

Additionally squads now get one overall squad skin, so that all fighters within a squad have the same look. This also means that the game performance around fighters is much better!


Hyperspace engine

The hyperspace engine got lots of love as well. In short, your hyperspace engine will now charge before the jump and can even do several consecutive jumps without having to reopen the map every time! Additionally, hyperspace jumps need much less energy in total now and with the new animation and sound they feel a lot smoother.



And last but not least, the universally most wished feature is here! Every ship is now equipped with a powerful autopilot that can do menial in-sector tasks for you. Docking to a station, flying somewhere, mining or salvaging, repairing or attacking ships, … Give the order and lean back while your ship does all the work!


This is only a small selection of what is actually contained in the new update. For full details check out the patchnotes for version 2.0!

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  • cepheni unpinned and pinned this topic

I'm hype to try out all the new stuff. I can't find info on this anywhere (or maybe I'm derping), can we migrate 1.3.8 servers to 2? What's the ETA on 2.0 dedicated server coming to Steam?

Edit: Server V2 is on Steam and it looks like upgrading went great!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Do you guys have any response to all the negative feedback on the steam forums?  A lot of it has to do with eliminating the old order system, but there are many other complaints and recent reviews have fallen from "very positive" to just "mostly positive" as a result.

It would be nice to know that someone on the dev team has noticed (even if it's just to hear them say they saw it and don't care that people hate a lot of the 2.0 changes).

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