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Reasons for own casinos?

Doctor Jaeger

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Okay, it's like that in my home system:

Owning all stations with full production lines for Water/Wheat/Energycells -> Liquor -> Casino

What's the reason for sending liquor to the own casino? It's just lying there unused in the casino's depot. The same with any other luxury good in the casino, what's the reason to send your own produced goods there?

Selling the liquor right out of the distill does give a decent amount of money, though.


Edit: I saw it now, the citizens there use the liquor and give me money for that. But is it really worth it?


Edit 2:  So I did the observation and the maths:

I set the sell/buy percentage to 0 % on my distill. The casino had enough liquor to use.


In roundabout 10 minutes, my casino used liquor 3 times:

Amount Money Profit Price p.p.
52 102.616,00  9.328,00  1.973,38 €
59 116.430,00  10.584,00  1.973,39 €
48 94.723,00  8.611,00  1.973,40 €

Means the casino used 159 liquor with a price of 313769 credits.

If extrapolated to 180 liquor, I would have gotten 355212 credits


In the same time, my distill sold liquor once for this:

Amount Money Price p.p.
180 433.980,00 2.411,00 €


Sooo, it's easy to see, selling directly from my distill is way more proftible by a mere 22%.

What's the point of supplying casinos with liquor and other goods when you can make a lot more money by directly selling stuff from your factories?


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