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Question about using multiple mining lasers

Zavros Hellstrand

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My question is how the game handles multiple mining laser efficiencies when you put more than one mining laser on a ship. For example, on my mining ship when I travel through the Titanium Region I have 5 different mining lasers that are firing at a time with 4 different efficiency ratings between them. The ratings are; 68.2, 84.7, 80, and 70.4.

So, unless I'm wrong there are 3 possible percentages of the ore I'm getting.

1. The highest efficiency(84.7) with the rest contributing dps

2. The lowest efficiency(68.2) with the rest contributing dps

3. A random efficiency based on which laser dealt the damage last.

I thought this would be an easy question to find an answer for, but apparently not as I cannot find an answer anywhere.

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All of your 3 possible percentages are wrong.

The yield will be the median average of all 5 lasers based off damage.
The math is a bit difficult, but I will try to explain it.

You have 5 lasers:
22dps 90%

20dps 87%

24dps 80%

18dps 85%

16dps  70%

if you add up the DPS (22+20+24+18+16=100) Then you take each individual dps and divide the total by the individual so 22 dps would be 22/100 = .22 or 22%, then you multiply the efficiency by this number, so 22% of 90%, you get 19.8%
Do that for all of them:

22dps 90%  19.8%

20dps 87%  17.4%

24dps 80%  19.2%

18dps 85%  15.3%

16dps  70%  11.2%
Add them all up 82.9% is the final efficiency. This is assuming ALL lasers are hitting the asteroid for an EQUAL time (and in most cases it is close enough) 
And don't forget, there is always refinery tax, usually between 20% in the outer systems (YUCK) and .5% in the core,  20% reduces what you get from 82.9% to 66.3% while the 0.5% only takes it to 82.5, a very big difference.

So TLDR, it is dps AND efficiency averaged out to get the actual % of ore off the rock.

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