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Trading Missions Experience


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TLDR at bottom.

As a new player I didn't get to experience the magic of loop commands.

However, I have taken to the mission commands rather well. I play 2 player, my friend controls the military vessels where I handle economy, scouting, mining, diplomacy, logistics, production, shipyards, etc. etc. You know, the fun stuff! 😄

However I feel Trade missions have to be the biggest hindrance to my play experience so far. In short: Trade missions need to last longer, perhaps in a similar way to mining missions.

I handle a fleet of 15+ trading vessels scattered across a quadrant of the galaxy map and having each missions only last 10-13 minutes on average means most of my time in this game is ordering merchant ships around. The direction this game has taken in 2.0 has made me feel developers want players more focused on macro-oriented game-play, and this mechanic goes against that philosophy.

I enjoy the mechanics of trading, but having to engage with those mechanics at this intensity really makes me feel like I need to make a decision between scaling my economy optimally or being able to enjoy my time in game. The fact mining missions are executed so well makes me think this could be a design oversight. I hope a developer can see how this can be frustrating to players that enjoy the game on a macro-oriented level.

Thank you for reading.

- TedRo


TLDR: Trading missions need to operate more like mining missions. I dislike having to reissue trade commands to my entire trade fleet every 10 minutes.

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