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Fighter Production Speed


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Hey hey, guys. I tried searching the forums and seemed to have found everything but what im looking for.
If I build more assembly blocks on my ship, will that increase the speed at which my fighters are created?
Whats better, 5+ really large assembly bays or tons of small ones?

I know the maximum number of fighter's to be assembled at once is 5 but I want to increase the speed. Ive been playing around with large blocks and small ones but am thinking of redesigning my capital ship and want to get the most bang for my buck and am worried ive hamstringed myself with all the misplaced assembly blocks.
For example lets say I have 10 assembly blocks, 5 Trinium and 5 Avorion. Will my fighters have a reduced production speed because they are being produced by the 5 trinium blocks or is the production speed determined by the TOTAL number + size of the production blocks themselves?

Thanks for your help! Im sure this question or similar have been asked to death but I seem to be wording my searches wrong because I cant find the answers im looking for.

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Unless im experiencing a weird bug, im not actually seeing a difference in production times depending on size, material used or sheer number of assembly blocks. I just made a new Avorion assembly block that was supposed to drop my production time by 212 seconds and it didn't affect anything other than my wallet haha

I seem to be misunderstanding some fundamental and vital information on the basic functioning of assembly/production >.<

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Every 1000 production reduces the fighter production time by one minute. The final time can not be reduced past 10% of base production time. The reduction is spread across all active fighter production. I advise doing fighter production on stations so you don't use up valuable mass / processing power on a ship to produce fighters.



A Fighter 20 minutes to produce (base)

  • A station with 10k production will build this fighter in ten minutes
  • A station with 20k production will build this fighter in two minutes
  • A station with 20k production and building this fighter in two production lines will produce a fighter in each line every ten minutes (effectively one fighter ever five minutes). Unless you have extra production capability only build one fighter line at a time. 


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The fighter production time is reduced by one minute for every 1000 units produced. The final time cannot be shortened by more than 10% of the initial production time. All active fighter production is affected by the reduction. I suggest producing fighters on stations rather than using up valuable bulk or processing power on a ship.


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