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System's Alliance Olympus Class Dreadnought SSV Renegade


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Hello friends! 

This is my first post as a long time player, tinkerer, and lurker of these forums. I'm very proud to show off my very first "real" build of a ship to you all. I am a rabid maniacal fan of the original Mass Effect Trilogy, and have probably 5 thousand hours spent playing every conceivable ending. The lore and Mythos of Mass Effect 1 especially holds a very near and dear place in my heart for the wonder I experienced all those years ago as a young boy holding my Xbox 360 controller for the first time. Alas, that wonder could hold itself back no longer and I soon created fan fictions and cosplays to my heart's content. but enough about me, you came here to see the ship, right? 

It's styled after the Normandy SR2, but built for long expeditions and heavy combat. One part Heavy Cruiser, One part Battle Ship, One part Aircraft Carrier. The Renegade can flex to many different rolls. 15 Slots, built like a brick house, and still nimble enough to line up a coax shot on a Xsotan frigate if you're feeling froggy. This is a work in progress, and with my limited free time I may only occasionally update the model etc. Feel free to download and modify the ship as you see fit, all I ask is for credit on the original work.  


ME1 Codec Voice: "During the siege of the illusive man's facilities following Commander Shepard's victory in the galactic core, The alliance uncovered troves of Cerberus Archives and the skeleton of a massive ship. Constructed of an ultra dense, yet light material, it's durability rivaled that of Reaper ships. With the massive collaborative efforts of the Alliance Scientists and Operative Miranda Lawson, the schematics were eventually pieced back together and construction could resume under new management.

At nearly 5 Km Long, The Renegade was the first and only ship of the Olympus class ever constructed. With astronomical costs pulling resources away from the ongoing war with the reaper fleets, it's a miracle it got this far. Sources indicate that without the forfeiture of the Illusive Man's considerable assets, the costs involved in the project could have easily bankrupted the Alliance Military. 

Unfortunately, even with the vast and incredible resources beholden to a galactic conglomerate, the Alliance was unable to source most of the materials to complete the final product. It seems the secret lies in a mostly unknown obscure element the Illusive man was researching. 

Using reverse engineered Reaper Technology, the renegade's main drive core is built from a new element discovered near the galactic core. This substance, called Avorion, and the others scattered from the collapse of the collector's empire, formed the basis for their incredible ability to traverse black holes and rifts in the space time continuum."

Admiral Hacket: "The Renegade's original scope and purpose is unknown, likely a project started and then mothballed by the Illusive man for unknown reasons. Now under the flag of the Alliance, the Renegade is the flagship of Commander Shepard's fleet to spearhead against the reaper invasion. With the Mass Effect Relays destroyed, that ship may be only vessel capable of travel beyond the rim into dark space. It may be our only hope to expand to other Galaxies and put an end to the reapers once and for all. 

You are tasked with a single mission. A rift has been discovered on the edge of our system. Where it leads we can only guess, but we are picking up readings that indicate faint traces of this Avorion substance. Venture forth and take these blueprints with you. Finish constructing the Renegade with the materials you find on the other side. With any luck, we may be able to rebuild this broken and war torn galaxy in the wake of the Reaper invasion. The rift is closing, so we may be cut off from each other. Suicide missions are pretty much your bread and butter aren't they? 

God Speed Commander, We're counting on you. 

Hacket out"




















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