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Edited "server.ini" Resets Partially When Loading Saved Game


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The reason that I edit the server.ini is having significant "singleplayer lag" in sectors that have more than 5 stations and 8 ships. I thought it's because of my hardware limitation and tried to reduce some numbers in the server.ini to increase the performance. What I've edited is:


xsotanInvasionSectors=5 → 1


workerThreads=3 → 4

aliveSectorsPerPlayer=500 → 5

profiling=false → true

And after the save was loaded, the "workerThreads" and "aliveSectorsPerPlayer" were reset, while the "xsotanInvasionSectors" and "profiling" were kept.

I've Googled this problem and found some similar posts, but they were either not working for me (like "set Scenario to 3") or have no answer😭 Maybe these two are tied to other settings (like set Scenario to 3 enables some settings to be kept), and I'm unaware of their connection?

(Edited and Reset)server.ini (Original)server.ini

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