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Jump - press once to jump instead of holding keys. Perhaps a mod or official support?


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Hi, first I'd like to say how much I loved playing Avorion since early access. I haven't played all available version, but I did play pre release, v1.0 and now v.2. Thank you for bringing this game and the passion you've given this product.

I have a personal issue when I play though. Due to nerve issues I struggle with holding / straining my fingers too much.

This brings me to the updated jump-mechanism. In the older version I think I pressed TAB to jump (or perhaps it was holding, not sure). But this whole new "hold W+hold SPACEBAR" is causing me a bit of grief. Not a total killer, but it still reduce my enjoyment due to a minor pain.

Is it possible to get a mod / or a fix somewhere, so I can press to start the jump sequence instead of holding the keys?
For example "press CTRL+SPACE" to initiate jump, and for cancelling, just pressing SPACE again?


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