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Newcomers, introduce yourselves here!


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Welcome to the Avorion Forum!


This is the place for all you newcomers to introduce yourselves!

You can leave a quick "Hello" or even tell us something about you or maybe how you came across Avorion.


We hope you enjoy the game, and I'm sure we'll see each other around!




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Hi everyone! ;D


Great game here, that my friend Talon and I found. We've had nothing but bad luck on Star Citizen (I know it's not finished either) but this game here, it's incredible that there's much more to do and running so great :) thank you everyone involved! Been waiting for something like this. Catch me on Steam if you wish to play together, however be careful, I'm soooo doing piracy :3

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Hi folks


Just learned about Avorion yesterday on release day via anouncement on STEAM, missed it before.


I'm one guy who raised with Privateer 2 - The Darkening (already wanted to found my own fraction there and also wanted to be able to build my own carriers too already ;-)) and later I got into the X series of course. Even did some simple mods there, and helped supporting some of Lucikes scripts too. If other people here played the X series, I'm sure you know him. :-)


So, I've got a good feeling for Avorion now. I already ordered it even though I would have loved to see it DRM free (and still will love to see it DRM free sometime in the future). :-)

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Spent all my winter break playing Space Engineers and got a hankering for a more macro experience and a means of building ships more flexibly. Scored Avorion on Steam earlier after seeing Scott Manley talk about it and it hasn't disappointed so far. So now I'm in hot water because aforementioned break just ended and I know this is gonna take up my free time instead of my studies.


The fruits of my poorly-spent time will be posted here.

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Hello all


JayCodes here, 26, located in the US. A First year CS Major with three years programming under my belt. Loving this title so far, as it's doing what should have been done with other space/crafting sims a long time ago, and in near perfect form. Everything seems fluid so far, no clunky controls or buggy collisions (at least none yet ;o), combat is interesting, building is fun, and most of all it isn't trying to be the next AAA Space Sim before being a interesting game by itself!!! (*cough* space engineers planet patch).


Have not done the forum thing since like, 2008 so figured I would drop in say hello, and say THANK YOU, to the dev beyond this amazing product!


Also C++ is life.

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Hi everyone! Im live in Ukraine, speak ukrainian, russian and little bit english, understand polish but not speak cuz dont have practice for this.


My nickname AHrEJl(u can call me angel if want). Looking  here to make new friends and strong fraction on some EU server. Mb official server when its done.


Cheers! Achieved post here :D

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