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Delivering quest takes me to a station without a dock


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I got a mission from a mine to deliver some gold, seems simple enough.


I get to the target, and it has no dock, so I can't deliver the goods. Guess I'm losing that down payment :'(


screenshot "attached". Not sure if my logs or anything are needed but well provide if so. Note that I have never been to this sector before. In fact it's the polar opposite side of the galaxy from me due to wormhole, so I'm pretty sure it's not like the station had docks and got them blown up.



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Are you certain that Station has no Docks? Stations are required to have one, and even spawn a new one every five minutes if the old one is obstructed or destroyed.


There is currently a bug in the game where in certain situations the actual "there's a dock here" text won't show up unless you view the Station from different camera angles and / or go right up to what you think may be a docking port and press your nose against it. A bit unfortunate, but that's also what could be happening.


In my experience, it's mostly bigger craft like my monstrous carrier mothership that suffer from this bug. Smaller and more compact ships should more easily "spawn" the "there's a dock here" UI overlay.

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Okay I'll try that when I get the chance. The 5min rule is also new to me, pretty sure I have more than enough time left on the quest. (should help with my only known research station which had it's docks blown off in an attack  ;D)


I did fly around to make sure but maybe I wasn't vigorous enough.

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Actually I found out recently that if you quit the game, the timer doesn't pause i.e. when you return after having not touched the game for 30 minutes, all your time-based quests will have timed out. :/


This is what I would consider buggy behaviour, and I know exactly what causes the problem: the game uses the computer's time to store and query quest data, rather than game-time. I guess this is because on dedicated servers, time moves on even if you log off, and there it makes sense, but in singleplayer not so much.


And the rule is something I've mostly observed by seeing parts of my own Stations getting blown up by Xsotan and Pirates, after which there would suddenly have appeared an Iron Dock where there previously was none, as well as in Build Mode, where a Dock spawns when the game auto-saves your design, if the Station has no Docks of your design.

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