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[1.3.8b] Japanese localization


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It will help many Japanese players.

I checked the JP.PO file at 1.3.8b for Japanese localization.
There are a lot of great places and places.
There are many places that have problems with translation.
In terms of nuance, the problem is obvious.
Who translated it?
Is it a staff of voxelware?

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I will explain some details.

The JP.PO file in the supported version of the client is translated into Japanese, including the names of people and ships.
The official translation site I manage as a validator does not translate names.
Even in Japanese translations, names of people and ships are displayed in the same alphabet as the original English text.
There is a reason for this.
This is a pronunciation problem.
Other than that, it can cause translation trouble.

In the case of "Mr. Jackson", it also says "Jackson" in Japanese.

Riddles of the Sphinx of the DLC Black Market have been destroyed in the supported JP.PO translation.
The user cannot read the three hints.
This is because Palindrome is translated directly into Japanese.
This doesn't translate the nuances of the original.


There are other parts that need to be modified in the name of the weapon.
The part of the Raw-mining laser and the Raw-salvage laser.
There is a problem with the name of the Raw-Salvage laser.
The meaning of the translation is different.







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Need to fix.

Explains critical errors in naming Raw-mining lasers and Raw-salvage lasers

In the official translation site, the translation of Raw-mining-laser is "Raw ore mining laser(粗鉱採掘レーザー)" in Japanese language.
The translation of "RAW" is "Raw ore(粗鉱)" in Japanese language.
In English, it would be ”Raw ore Minning Laser”.
Therefore, this keyword cannot be used for other items.

In the client's Jp. po.
R-(RAW-) salvage laser is also the same translation
This is a critical error.
It means "Raw ore Salvaging Laser".

The same mistake is made in the DLC's Legendary weapon, "RAW-".
MultiHarvest Raw-" is very serious.
it translates to "crude".

I do not know the translator.
I don't know if he(she ? they are?) is a native Japanese speaker or bilingual.
However, I do know that he referred to the community translation on the official translation site.
So, as a validator, I changed the translation on the official official translation site

Raw- (R-)" in the community translation is "unrefined"!
This is used in the sense of a mining or salvage laser that does not refine the ore or blocks into material
This is the counterpart to a refining laser.

Developers, please pass this on to your translators.

粗鉱(Raw ore)の単語の使い方を間違えています。

しかし、彼(彼? 彼女? 彼ら?)がオフィシャル翻訳サイトのコミュニティ翻訳を参考にしたことは分かります。


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(/Common/Game/Language.cpp:) The translation of the faction titles needs to be fixed!
Developers, please tell your translators!

This is less critical than the cases of "RAW-Salvaging Lasers" and "MultiHarvest Raw".
However, the Japanese language users will be disadvantaged by this translation.
It is inferior to playing in English.
The developer translator should respect the game and the Japanese language users.

The game has 220+1 different random faction political titles.
It has two types.

-The %s context:This refers to factions, such as 'The Xsotan'.
- "The %s Emirate" , "The Emirate of %s"
Variations on the same political form with and without "of”(%s ”の” 首長国 or  %s首長国)

translation of the client support JP.PO has only 110+1 names.
JP.PO translation has only 110+1 names. The developer translator has only translated half of them.

The same translation is done for "The %s Emirate"(%s首長国), "The Emirate of %s".(%s首長国)
It ignores the meaning and value of the name of the faction with "of", the flavor of the game, and the two personalities.

In the Japanese language (and I think this is true for other languages as well)
The Emirate of "AAAAA" means Emirate of the race or alien race "AAAAA".(AAAAAの首長国)

The Emirate of "AAAAA" can also mean the Emirate of the geographical location "AAAAA".(AAAAAの首長国)

In the Japanese language, faction names with and without "of" have the same value.
There is a clear difference in the nuances.
Meaningful and game-worthy
Especially with the "of".

doesn't have any "Buccaneers" in the client support JP.
where the Buccaneers' translation is
Buccaneers = Adventure
They have a different name for it.
This translation is wrong.
It means "group of adventurers."
Please take back the Buccaneers.

So, you absolutely need to translate 220+1 political titles for this faction!
This is a worthy translation!
Developer translators, please respect the game and the Japanese language users!

If the developer translator can't or has difficulty translating the "of", please let me know here.
I will help with that part.
Alternatively, developer translators can copy the translation (220+1) of the political title of the faction in the community translation of the official translation site.




これは”RAW-サルベージングレーザー”、”MultiHarvest Raw”のケースよりも致命的ではありません。


-The %s context:This refers to factions, such as 'The Xsotan'.
-"The %s Emirate" ,"The Emirate of %s”


"The %s Emirate" ,"The Emirate of %s”に同じ翻訳がされています。

"The Emirate of AAAAA" は、”AAAAAという人種かエイリアン種族”のEmirate”という意味をもちます。






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Proposed Improvements to "Riddle of the Sphinx”

The reason for the critical error in this translation is that the developer translator is a good person who follows the rules.
That's what caused the error in the Japanese translation of the supported version!

The meaning and value of this mission is the riddle of the Sphinx.
So, the correct translation for this mission is not to directly translate the English original.
It is to understand the CONTEXT and the meaning of the English riddles.
Then, rewrite it into Japanese Riddle.
It's about translating it into a Japanese riddle that Japanese people can understand.
The riddles of the Sphinx do not need translation.
We need to localize the riddles.

It needs to be a backwards Japanese word.

Here's a suggestion.
The names of the three clues

-Erehton = nothere.Japanese translation: "nothere = ここではない".
Make "ここではない" into katakana. This is a different character to express, but the meaning is the same.
Turn "ココデハナイ" backwards. 「イナハデココ」.
This is the Japanese word "Erehton".

-Etiseslaf = false site. Japanese translation: "false site = 偽サイト".

Make "偽サイト"in katakana. This is a different character to express, but the meaning is the same.
This is the same as the Japanese word for "fake site.

Turn "ニセサイト" backwards.. 「トイサセニ」.

This is the Japanese word "Etiseslaf”.

-Reniatnoc = 'container' (Japanese translation: "コンテナ")
Turn "コンテナ" backwards. "ナテンコ".

This is "Reniatnoc" in the Japanese language.

These are the three names that the Sphinx mysteries need.
With these three names, a Japanese person can derive the answer by the same process as a native English speaker.

A little luck and inspiration.
That's what AVORION's Riddles of the Sphinx mission needs, right?


Developers, please pass this suggestion on to the developer's translator.

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